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8 times people used weapons to complain about the service

We all received poor customer service. Whether the reason is valid or not, it sucks when a business ran out of what you ran there to get.

It is also annoying if the line moves at a snail's pace or if the employee has no idea what he is doing. We may get a little upset and give the employee one or two angry looks. But in general we don't actually shoot.

The same does not apply to the following list of fast food customers. They have lost their coolness. . . and their thoughts.

8 People don't melt over ice

According to the International Dairy Foods Association, the average American eats 10 kilograms of ice cream a year. Favorite flavors include vanilla, chocolate and cookies and cream.

Some of us, especially Jerry Henry, love ice cream a little too much. As early as August 2017, Henry stopped in front of a local McDonald's drive-through window and ordered ice cream. When the person working there informed Henry that there was no ice because the ice machine was broken, Henry reacted in a unique way – he pulled out a gun. [1]

The scared drive – by workers named 911 and ran to the bathroom to hide.

When the police arrived, they found that the weapon was an AR-15 airsoft weapon that looked like reality. They handcuffed Henry and accused him of improperly exhibiting a dangerous weapon or firearm.

Of course, some disturbed people are more creative when they go crazy for food. Trust us when we say you don't want to bring bad news to a crazy person with a slice of pizza. You can read more at 10 Crazy Times. People used food as a weapon.

7 Price rises, man goes crazy

In December 2013, a man drove into the Taco Bell passage on Rigsby Road in San Antonio, Texas. He ordered seven beefy crunch burritos. The employee informed the man that the price of each burrito rose from $ 0.99 to $ 1.49. Then it went from okay to crazy.

Angry about the price increase, the man shot an air gun at the manager while demonstrating an assault rifle and pistol. But the crazy consumer didn't stop there. When the police arrived, he pointed a gun at her, causing the officers to open fire. The man ran away with the police in close pursuit. [2]

Manager Brian Tillerson said: “He pointed a gun at me and fired it. I leaned aside and there was a bang, but nothing happened. “

The police followed the burrito bandit to a hotel. There, Taco Bell's terror barricaded itself in his room. SWAT negotiators were called to a three-hour standoff – all because of a 50-cent price hike for a man's beloved Beefy Crunch Burrito.

In the end, Ricardo Jones was charged with two serious charges of assault, an official. We're not sure why criminals love their burritos so much, but some even call the police after dinner. Read more under 10 stupid criminals who have called on the police.

6 No fried mushrooms lead to shooting

Imagine this: You go to a fast food place to eat your favorite menu item, only to find out that everyone is no longer there. Of course you are upset. They say they're wearing it, but you can't get it. Frustrating.

Now imagine the following: You go to a fast food place to eat your favorite menu item, only to find out that it is not even on the menu. Another scenario. Frustrated, but you made a mistake. You don't even wear it. It's up to you, right?

Don't tell that to two men and one woman who went on a trip to Nicky D's Detroit Coney Island fast food restaurant in June 2019.

Visit Nicky D & # 39; s at 2:30 p.m. the trio ordered some fried mushrooms. An employee informed them that they had no fried mushrooms with them. The trio's answer was short and sweet: "What kind of [expletive] Coney doesn't sell fried mushrooms?"

Angry, the trio left Nicky D’s. Unfortunately, the story doesn't end here.

About 20 minutes later, they returned and hit customers with a night stick. One of the three then took out a gun and shot a customer in the face.

An employee could not believe that a regular guest was shot: "The guy didn't do anything. He comes here every day, he doesn't harm anyone, doesn't say anything. He just orders a cheeseburger level and leaves." [3]

A couple of 61-year-old twins were arrested a few days later, luckily the customer who was shot in the face was not killed and is said to have recovered from his injuries. We do not really understand the anger about mushrooms , but maybe it had something to do with the 10 effects of magic mushrooms on the human brain.

5 Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Incident

The popular restaurant chain Popeyes apparently had a hit with its chicken sandwich in the summer of 2019. By August 28, the company announced that the demand was so high that it would be sold out by the end of the week. Customers just have to be patient. Most were – Joshua Robicheaux was not.

Joshua and a few friends drove to a Popeyes passage in Houston on September 2nd and ordered a couple of chicken sandwiches. They were told that the chicken sandwich was sold out. This did not go well with Robicheaux.

According to court records, Robicheaux allegedly showed a firearm after trying to get into the lobby and said, "I will (explicitly) shoot it down." [4]

The manager told the police also that she thought Robicheaux was under the influence. The length to which people pick chicken is not the only astonishing piece of information that we have published about Listverse poultry. Find out more from 10 surprisingly interesting facts about chickens.

4 Cold french fries, hot temper

In July 2019, a McDonald’s in Georgia was apparently unable to keep his fries warm – at least not to the satisfaction of a Lillian Tarver.

Tarver was so upset that she returned to McDonald's and asked for satisfaction. When the manager went back to get her a fresh load of fries, Tarver lost her. She went straight to the kitchen and got into a fight with employees.

An employee, Lynn Watson, said: "We fought physically because I had to pack her because she set up such a set and I had to use my moment when I knew I could. When she bent down, I grabbed her hair and was just starting to hurl her across the floor. "

Tarver went and came back to grab the heat. Watson said: “Then we were in the back of the shop. She came to the back of the shop and left as if ready to fire. “ [5]

Fortunately, Tarver shot the ground instead of the employees. The owner gave her a refund and she left. Tarver was arrested shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, McDonald's was the scene of the crime more than once. You can discover the frightening details by clicking on the 10 worst crimes at a McDonald’s.

3 Closing time = crazy time

Traveling late at night while you're hungry can be a frustrating experience. If you get tired when the food is difficult to find, you can go a little crazy.

That must have happened to 21-year-old Kenneth Reese from Texas. At 1:00 a.m. with a companion, Reese decided to get some taco bell before the restaurant was closed. Unfortunately, he was a little late.

Then, more unfortunate, he allegedly said something about "shooting up the place". If that wasn't enough when Reese and his companion left, he pointed a gun at an employee. [6]

Fortunately, no shots were fired and Reese was arrested shortly afterwards. He was charged with serious bodily harm and a DUI. But it didn't have to be that way for young Reese. He could have followed the “most” successful examples of these 10 people who have achieved great things in a frenzy.

2 Not eating fast enough

Drive-through windows are intended for those who are in a hurry. These customers need to get to a place quickly and have no time to park, get out of their cars and go to the place of order.

However, sometimes transit lines can be slow and you just have to be patient.

That was not the case with Marquenta Glidwell. In mid-2019 she was angry and just kept honking. So much so that the manager of the McDonalds had to tell her to cool it down. But Glidwell didn't cool it down.

When she got out of her car, she approached the drive-through window and hit the manager with her credit card. Then she used her stun gun for him. McDonald's manager Jacob Jordan described the bizarre and harrowing attack as follows: “At first we thought it was just scratch marks on your fingers until you watch the video and you can clearly see her trying to put the taser in my throat . "[19659002] But it didn't end there. Jordan continued: “She grabs my hair and pulls me out of the window. Then she has the taser that tries to grab my neck, hit me in the face and hit me in the eyes. I just hit myself. “ [7]

Glidwell finally accused Jordan of voting for President Donald Trump, although Jordan was not old enough to vote in the Trump election. She also apparently made some homophobic comments – Jordan is gay.

The crazy customer ended up in jail on a $ 10,000 bond. Fortunately, all of McDonald's staff and guests were fine. That has not always been the case, as you will see reading 5 gruesome McDonalds murders.

1 No cutlery causes chaos

Apparently cutlery is really big in Georgia. At least it's a big deal for Jonelle Jade Dare, 33, from Marietta, Georgia.

Dare visited Kentucky in October 2019 when she decided to pick something up at a local KFC transit. After receiving her food, she went up a few meters, pulled out a gun, and fired into the drive-through window. People who witnessed the incident said Dare was angry that she hadn't been given a fork or napkin. Fortunatly nobody was hurt.

Charlene Witt, the manager of a subway restaurant directly across from the KFC, was shocked to hear about the incident. Witt said: “I had a regular customer who came in and said, 'Did you hear what just happened at KFC? & # 39; I said: & # 39; No. & # 39; He said: & # 39; Someone just shot the window out here. & # 39; & # 39; [8]

Fortunately, the police picked up Dare a short time later. The weapon that corresponds to the description of the one used at the scene was also recovered. It is hard to believe that someone could get upset about a missing napkin. We shudder to think about how Dare would have reacted if their order contained one of the 10 most terrible things ever found in fast food.

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