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8 terrifying minivan designs over the years

Minivans were never known for their beauty, but for their usefulness. In this regard, they should be able to work as intended: move small groups of people quickly and safely. Here is a list of the 8 most terrifying minivan designs ever designed.

1st 1964 Volkswagen bus

While it looks good on the outside and is now a collector’s item, this vehicle is under-challenged and lacks any safety features. I can also tell you from my own experience that it is uncomfortable to drive on. The air conditioning was provided by opening the door while running, which let in the dust when towing another vehicle.

2. Toyota Lite Ace

Getting involved with you is a sporting endeavor. You have to push and rotate your body at the same time if you want to sit backwards. The seats are too small, if they’re even a little above average, and it just seemed too top heavy in tight turns. Sitting in the background as you cross hills and tight turns is an unforgettable experience for the wrong reason. There is also very little space in the back for luggage.

3. Nissan Quest

One reason Nissan’s demise in recent years has been this strange looking vehicle that only had space for 7 people. It also has less interior space than many other minivans at just 25.7 cubic feet. Production stopped in 2016 and it wasn’t hard to see why. When it came to safety, Dave Zuby, Executive Vice President of the Road Safety Insurance Institute, said of the 2014 model that it was one of the worst crash tests we’ve ever seen.

4. 2018 Mercedes-Benz Metris

At $ 40,000, you’d expect a minivan to have folding seats. Not on this one. Here the second row seats only tilt forward. This means that passengers in the third row must remain in their seats until the passengers in the second row have got out of the vehicle. As an added bonus, the seats in the third row don’t fold flat to create storage space, but must be completely removed.

5. Avoid the Grand Caravan

With a bland exterior, plastic interior, and average space for passengers and cargo, you’d expect things to improve after these points were written down. But what makes this vehicle such a terrible vehicle is the noise. For this reason alone, long trips become deeply traumatic. 11 million customers since 1984 could be wrong.

6. Ford Windstar

It’s hard to rate a vehicle that doesn’t have a single redemption function. It’s ugly both inside and out. And then there was the terrible thing Unreliability. Windstars have been known to take their drive axles down due to rust problems in the subframe. Ford agreed to buy back some Windstars for safety reasons.

7. Toyota Previa

This minivan failed due to a lack of market research. Someone thought it would be a good idea to sell a mid-engine design minivan in the US market. Potential buyers didn’t like the idea of ​​taking up so much space in the middle that it failed in the U.S. market.

8. Tesla Model X.

What put this on the list is the price – $ 86,190 USD. It offers space for only 7 people and that comes with a range of 500 km. The selling point is acceleration, which means it’s great for drag racing but not much else.

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