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8 Serious Hollywood scenes that look funny without CGI

Without the CGI, though …

While the visual effects of Kong seamlessly come to life, behind-the-scenes is decidedly less magical. For an encounter with the fabled Beast, they strapped Naomi Watts onto a moving platform and nudged her with what we can only hope for is said to be a giant finger …

Universal Pictures Us said Kong had no genitals. Did not say anything about Jack Black.

Kong was played by motion capture guru Andy Serkis. Of course he appeared on set like the skinny roadie of California raisins.

Universal Pictures Nobody asked him for it. He just did it.

Then Serkis climbs on a crane and begins clumsily headbanging like a teenager who discovers that Iron Maiden is not a Meryl Streep movie.

Universal Pictures "OK, that's definitely the last time I'm doing something like that." – Andy Serkis 13 years ago

Helmut Jackson, himself with one Barbie doll busy, trying to process all the mess. [19659016] Universal Pictures Frodo's trip to Mount Doom was probably first played with two troll puppets and an easy-bake oven.


Kevin Bacon looked like an unknown dr. Manhattan In Hollow Man

The most perverted film of Invisible Man, Hollow Man played Kevin Bacon as a scientist, learning the secret of invisibility, with which he primarily scans women and murders people. But hey, those effects were cool, huh?

Columbia Pictures Silly Putty's sales fell 70 percent this year.

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