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8 reasons why the British crown still controls the United States

Before we go any further, we must now realize that the following claims are mostly on the fringes of the conspiracy world. And as such, many, if not most, dismiss them as outrageous nonsense. They are about the claim that the United States remains under British control. Or more to the point, the crown. And it stays that way through a group founded in the 17th century called The Virginia Company.

You have to do whatever you want with these claims because they are most likely far from the sign of true reality. The thinking process and the way the points are connected are intrinsically fascinating.

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8th The “secret”
; meeting in 1604 in Greenwich, London

The best place to investigate these claims is by looking at the Virginia Company. And especially an obvious meeting that took place in Greenwich, London in England in 1604. On the agenda was the potential opportunities for the new world that we now know as the United States. Or more specifically, how they could benefit the UK’s many “elites”. This was also the case in other parts of Europe. As well as many of the secret societies, which were essentially forerunners of the Freemasons.

According to the claims, one of those at this secret meeting was no less than King James I. And James, by the way, had the largest share in the new company. This investment would significantly increase the king’s influence. This would happen if they confiscated land to exploit materials in the new world. In addition, the ultimate goal was to increase The Crown’s overall wealth and influence. However, contrary to popular belief, this is not a reference to the royal family (we will come back to this in our next entry).

If we believe the claims, the meeting would lead to the founding of The Virginia Company. This group would then go on two separate missions to the promising new world countries. One landed in 1607 in what is now Jamestown, named after King James I. The other arrived in Cape Cod in 1620. Both immediately claimed rights to the land they “discovered”.[1]

7 The crown – what is it?

When most people think of The Crown, they most likely imagine a connection to the British royal family. In this case, however, it is a reference to The Crown at Temple Bar, which is located in the City of London. The many legislators and bankers work in this area. In fact, those who join a worldwide conspiracy of elite overlords who control everything say that The Crown is one of the key locations.

In the early 1600s, one of the crown’s main concerns was the rapidly increasing influence of the Spanish conquests. For example, many areas in South America were already under Spanish control. For this reason, the spread of the Spanish language increased. And perhaps the most important thing for the elites of England at that time was the spread of Catholicism. It was decided to hit them in the northern areas. So that they don’t question The Crown’s influence and the resulting profits.[2]

6 The City of London – A Law of Its Own?

Similar to the District of Columbia, which we’ll discuss in a moment, the City of London is a law in itself. It is located in the very heart of London on an area of ​​just one square mile. And after conquering William, The Conquer would negotiate its own laws and freedoms. As a result, it has been its own sovereign state since 1067. This is still fully available today and was achieved through “outside financing”. Incidentally, this is perhaps one of the first examples of the beginning of the modern banking world.

The same applies to the District of Columbia, which is the heart of the American banking system. This is known as the Federal Reserve and also works under its own laws. And like the City of London, it’s a separate entity from the rest of the country.

In addition, the twists and turns of America’s early years are becoming even more fascinating. For example, not only was a large number of Freemasons the founding fathers, but many were lawyers for The Crown. And there was only one reason for their presence in the future United States. To ensure that all land, material and tax decisions have been made in their favor.[3]

5 The Law of 1871 – Central to the entire conspiracy

One of the most intriguing parts of the Virginia Company and British control of the United States revolves around the 1871 law. The alleged purpose of the 1871 law was to create two separate entities. One is a country (the United States) and the other is a company (the United States). The company was based in the District of Columbia, a law in itself with its own government. This is the federal government and is different from that of the United States.

Official history suggests that the Virginia Company’s grip ceased after the Revolutionary War. This would break the country from British rule and force the group into bankruptcy. However, under the 1871 law, bankers and private companies were able to operate from the District of Columbia. You would ultimately benefit from the debt of the United States government. This is mainly because the United States was forced to borrow money from the reserve, as it is today.

Over time, some began to question this attitude. Many researchers even wonder if the Federal Reserve is nothing more than the renamed Virginia Company. If so, it would mean that the United States was still largely under British control. It remains with the Federal Reserve simply because of the enormous financial indebtedness.[4]

4th The maritime demands

Perhaps one of the most bizarre claims related to the Virginia Company is that of maritime law in America. And if we accept that they are correct for a moment, the reality of the United States Courts is very different.

Officially, the United States judicial system operates under common law (or the law of the country). Since the District of Columbia is home to the (private) federal government, it is subject to maritime law. This is sometimes referred to as the Admiralty Act, which is essentially maritime law.

This means that if you join the theories, the judicial systems in federal cases will also function according to maritime law. And ultimately work under laws outside the American legal system. Instead, some people claim that such cases operate under the same systems as under British rule.

Of course, we should remember again that many, many people reject such claims. In fact, most see it as nothing but twisted truths on one level and nonsense on the other.[5]

3rd Connections to old bloodlines and secret societies

There are several claims that revolve around the idea of ​​a ruling elite bloodline that goes back to ancient times. And, of course, that goes through the founding fathers and their connections to the crown in England. In addition, these connections also go through the royal and elite families of Europe. Many of these bloodlines go back to ancient times. And through such empires as ancient Rome and Egypt the way back to the Sumer region.

Perhaps another interesting point is the notion that over 40 of the presidents of the United States are also associated with these bloodlines.

So it’s easy to see where the idea of ​​a ruling elite that controls resources around the world comes from. And why the idea blooms in the minds of some researchers. And if that’s true, The Virginia Company is only part of that overarching control.[6]

2nd Fascinating clues in the names

In and around these allegations associated with ties to secret societies and bloodlines are other fascinating clues. Some, some researchers claim, are visible to everyone.

Again, we’re going to turn to the District of Columbia and its obviously discrete origins in Babylon. For example, Queen Semiramis was one of the most important deities in Babylon. This divine being is also called Venus Columba. It doesn’t take too much study to see the close match in the words Columba and Columbia. Could it be that the District of Columbia is actually the District of Columba? This would essentially mean that it is the Venus Columba district or Queen Semiramis of Babylon.

This is simply a hint that those who sign allegations of secret control over the world, including the United States, support their reasoning. Most would accept that such conspiracies are highly unlikely. However, there is still the tiny bit in most of us that asks just a little bit whether they could just be true.[7]

1 The words of George Bush

While there is considerable doubt as to what he actually meant, a quote that is usually attributed to George Bush Sr. is fascinating. And it is seen as an admission of control that very few have over the rest of the world’s population.

According to the claims, Bush would say, “If the American people knew what we did, they would take us off the lampposts.”

Did he refer to the claims we discussed here? Finally, the above statement could be used in relation to many such 20th century incidents. From oil scandals to the death of JFK to the many scandals of the Reagan era.

Was that what Bush Sr. meant when he said they were lined up with lampposts if people knew the truth? It is certainly food for thought, there is little doubt about that.[8]

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