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8 movie posters from other countries that are simply awesome


China's Fantastic Beasts Poster Focusing on the Beasts

The appeal of a movie named Fantastic Beasts and its Search should be obvious. You can watch cool monsters, maybe after a short lesson, where to find them. The posters naturally focused on human characters, such as Colin Farrell's Percival Graves. The beasts are completely absent (with the exception of a subliminal Johnny Depp hiding in Farrell's tank).

Warner Bros. Pictures I do not want to distract magical monsters from this movie about a government bureaucrat In China, meanwhile, they dared to make the movie a joke by showing the real beasts and their stupid names.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures The disappointing thing is that you can not buy this little guy for yourself.

Would you rather watch a movie about Percival Graves – a guy who sounds like he's complaining that a butler has also served his tea two degrees cold – or a beast called "Swooping Evil"? Exactly.

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