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8 foods that you ate badly

You think You know how to eat an apple, but you're wrong. In November 2013, FoodBeast released the aforementioned video titled "How to Eat an Apple Like a Chef," and it quickly became viral. The clip shows that an apple is not eaten from the outside into the core, which wastes about 30 percent of the fruit – people should eat it from top to bottom, the core just disappears and the apple is 1

00 percent consumed.

It turns out that apples are not the only food you eat wrong eight more should be reconsidered.

. 1 Pancakes

Drowning your pancakes in syrup is inefficient: the top pancake becomes completely soggy, while the middle pancakes remain completely dry in the middle of the pile (see above) before pouring a syrup, which is then more evenly distributed through your pancakes distributed.

. 2 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

If you've eaten a PB & J, you've probably also had a heap of jelly leaked and lan d on your table or clothes. However, there is a better way to build this sandwich, which prevents messy drops. Just fumble the jelly with peanut butter, as a Reddit user named ChickenMcFail in 2012 said. Spread as much peanut butter on two slices of bread as your heart desires, then set a higher limit with peanut butter on both sides. Place the jelly in a hole in the hole the edge creates, and then finish your sandwich.

. 3 Oranges

If you have a knife on hand, opening oranges does not have to be a hassle. Cut small slices from the top and bottom of the orange. Then cut a slot in the side of the orange. The orange should unroll and leave a nice row of slices.

. 4 Pomegranates

This fruit is much harder to sow when you use a bowl of water. First cut the fruits in half. Then dip the fruits in cold water and pull the fruit apart. The unwanted membrane that holds the seeds even rises to the water surface.

. 5 Pistachios

Never break a nail when trying to reopen a sealed pistachio – just use another pistachio to separate the nut, which is hard to crack, as cartoonist Natalie Dee suggests. See her comic about it here.

. 6 Cupcakes

Do you think there's no way to eat a cupcake without glazing on your nose? Think again. Get rid of this annoying wrapper, cut off about half of the bottom of the cupcake and make a frosting sandwich from the two slices. With this delicious frosting between two pieces of cake, chances are minimized on the whole face of the sugar. A fork could solve this problem but is less fun.

. 7 Hard-shell tacos

Hard-shell tacos tend to fall apart, leaving behind too many meat and cheese losses. However, according to Kitchen Simmer, it helps to wrap larger soft tortillas around the taco. The food that would normally fall is caught by the protective tortilla. You can tie this with a layer of refreshed beans between the tortilla and the taco shell stronger.

. 8 Bananas

Most people peel off with the longer stem at the end. But if you peel off from below, it will be easier and the banana will contain less fibrous pieces. In this way, monkeys open their bananas so you know they are right.

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