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7 split second movie jokes you totally missed


The Video Library in The Lost World: Jurassic Park Has the BEST Movies

In Jurassic Park 2: Fair Enough, They did not work. As these things still go bad the rogue big dinosaur pharma group InGen decides to spice up life in the 'Burbs' by accidentally unleashing a T-Rex on San Diego. Between the eating spells, the T-Rex smashes a video store that, on closer inspection, has some movies in stock that we borrow with a dinosaur attack.

There is Jack And The Behnstacks, starring Robin Williams …

Universal Pictures A sequel to the Francis Ford Coppola masterpiece, presumably.

… Tsunami Surprise, with Tom Hanks, a parody of which we can only hope for inspiration Castaway

Universal Pictures Why does Hanks play buff Dan Aykroyd?

.. and, bless our stars, King Lear with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is a slightly more reasonable version of Hamlet from Last Action Hero ,

Universal Pictures For Younger Readers: A "videocassette" was something to watch films of during Shakespeare's time. [19659017]
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