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7 secrets of a grilled cheese master

Of the many eventful holidays that fall in April, none is more delicious than April 12th a.k.a. National Grilled Cheese Day. Yes, like so many culinary delights before, the Ooey Gooey sandwiches you grew up have their very own holiday. Even better, it falls in the middle of the Grilled Cheese month . That's why we've gained the know-how of Spencer Rubin, founder and CEO of Melt Shop, a New York City-based mini-empire of grilled cheese restaurants, to share his secrets in making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. (For the record, Rubin gives his mother full credit for his own grilling skills.)

1. Golden brown and crispy is the key.

"The perfectly grilled cheese is golden brown and feels crispy. He has a bit of cheese that is almost burned to the side because he is cooking pan over the edges while cooking directly on the grill, "says Rubin. "After your first, second and third bite, the cheese pulls away from you. It is tasty, salty and I always like to cut some acid from a tomato by the richness of the cheese. "

. 2 Butter is not your only basic option.

But it's probably the best option. "I like salted butter, but people keep talking about using mayo and margarine," Rubin says of what to put in the pan. "Salted butter gives the best results if you ask me."

3. Do not save on the bread.

"Quality bread is the key," says Rubin. "Too soft and does not develop the right crust. too hard and it's like eating a crouton. Ideally you want to have the old sourdough. Sourdough is the key because the air pockets that develop during proofing contribute to the texture. They want an old bread because it has become a little firmer and gives a better crunch after toasting. "

All cheese is delicious cheese."

"Obviously, good cheese is the key to a great grilled cheese." Rubin says, "But the best thing about grilled cheese is that you never really Whether it's a five-year-old cheddar, a gruyere aged in the cave, or power singles, they're all delicious How the cheeses melt best? Ruby says that semi-soft varieties like Munster and Havarti

5. Flavor your butter for an instant upgrade.

You do not have To break the fine porcelain, you can enjoy your sandwich, let the butter and / or bread do all the work If you want to bring your sandwich to a more refined level, Rubin recommends using truffle butter, herb butter, or garlic bread with garlic and parmigiano. "

6. Salty and sweet is a great Combination.

Tomatoes and bacon are sampled and real add-ons. For an unexpected combination ruby ​​recommends to take jam and sweets. "I always love salty and sweet combinations," he says, citing his favorite sandwich on the menu, the Maple Bacon (maple bacon, New York Cheddar, and a spicy brick spread on white bread) as a perfect example. "The combination is crazy."

. 7 Pages are not required, but they make it a meal.

Although for some guests a grilled cheese sandwich is a complete meal in itself, there is no reason not to indulge. A side dish: Melt Shop is known for its menu of Tater Tots, but lighter pages also work: "I like one Nice side salad with my grilled cheese, "says Rubin. "It's nice to get a little green in your meal and a good vinaigrette always helps lighten things."

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