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7 Haunted Airbnbs that you can book now

Now, five months after quarantine and social distancing in America, we’re all a little hungry for social interaction. At this point, we’re all tired of Zoom’s happy hour, the first dates of Zoom, and the zoom classes – just Zoom. It’s been months since we started a conversation with someone who is new. It’s awkward to hold six feet, and it’s impossible to tell if your jokes land when someone wears a face mask. Instead of taking the risk of getting COVID or spreading an infection as an asymptomatic carrier, you can try to meet new people the old-fashioned way ̵

1; ghost seances!

Image by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

7 Haunted Airbnb stays

Marsh Edwards House

Dixfield, Maine

One of the most famous haunted lists on Airbnb is an hour’s drive north of Portland (scary!). The inn owner is a paranormal enthusiast who regularly conducts ghost hunts and psychic readings in the room. Guests report knocking, falling over, pulling on the sheets and much more.

Photo by Edan Cohen on Unsplash

Parks-Bowman Mansions: haunted bedroom

Garden District, New Orleans

Guests tell of a girl from the 1890s wearing a yellow dress and floating in the bedroom. The room itself has a private balcony and views of the beautiful Garden District in NOLA. It could be worth risking a ghostly encounter to stay in this top-notch Airbnb.

Stroud House

Wakefield, North Carolina

Everyone, from guests to friends to the family of the homeowner, has experienced a scary phenomenon. They warn guests that they can hear footsteps, lights are switched on and off unexpectedly, shadow figures, glowing balls and a music box that plays by itself. But honestly, throw that music box away.

Photo by Amber Kipp on Unsplash

The mansion chamber

St. Paul, Minnesota

According to the listing, the Pioneer Press chose this house as the most mysterious in St. Paul. Scorch, a friendly Doberman, guards the mansion, and although there is no resume with strange ghosting, it looks like it.

Laura’s Cottage

Savannah, Georgia

In one of America’s most busy cities, this 18th century cottage is in the heart of the historic district. Laura, a former resident and now a ghost, follows the room by flickering lights and opening windows.

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Historic civil war farmhouse

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The hostess Stephanie swears that the spirits are friendly. She has lived in the farmhouse that was a field hospital during the Civil War for 36 years and likes to share ghost stories with guests.

Sweet Organic Pet-Friendly Getaway (Haunted) 🙂

Brisbee, Arizona

Perfect for the environmentally conscious, but not for the faint of heart. Kat, who owns the organic house, says that ghosts cause “repeated episodes of strange, inexplicable mischief”. Still, they’re not scary, just naughty.

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