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7 Bizarre Thanksgiving Recipes from the 1950s

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Many families have appreciated thanksgiving recipes. You pass on the secret ingredient of pumpkin pie or the formula of how to water the turkey for generations. There are the families, whose secret ingredient goes to a restaurant, so there are no dishes for washing. The unsung heroes of Thanksgiving are the ones who survived the fifties and sixties. Mayonnaise was in every "salad", gelatin was sprinkled over side dishes and appetizers. Here are some archaeological survivors from the Thanksgiving days of yesteryear. Personally, I will scare off my family with at least two of them this holiday season.

Cranberry gelatine salad in layers. Come for the layers, stay for the gelatine salad. It must be a rule of thanksgiving that it is not a salad unless it has marshmallows. There is also cream cheese, mayonnaise and cream in gelatine. Really, something for everyone. It's a miracle that the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving with food has survived the 60s. It is easy to imagine that this dish will be served and whole families who decide next year will instead play only a round of golf.

Hellmann's Cranberry Candles Something with mayonnaise happened in the 50s and 60s. The spice has been around for 200 years, but suddenly it was everywhere. In every recipe. No festive dinner was complete without a generous squad. In this ad, Hellmann tries to convince nice people to light their holiday table with candles glued in gelatin. The whole recipe includes cranberry sauce, mayonnaise, nuts and a lack of decency.

Butternut Pineapple Crumble This recipe dates from the middle of the last century. The bizarre combination of sweet and savory. And everyone remembers the traditional pineapple at the first harvest festival. The crunch comes from both almonds and shortbread biscuits. In the madness a pan cream cheese is mixed.

Cranberry Nut Salad After experiencing the fashion of the 90s, I can say with certainty that there is no explanation for style. Or try. But the love of the 50s for a jelly-cake shape that is both sweet and savory is definitely worth the judgment. At least as much judgment as Jnco Jeans. This historical novelty uses celery, walnuts and cranberries in red wine with gelatine. Without mayonnaise, no "salad" is complete. The dressing consists only of sour cream and mayo and is applied in a "dollop".

Turkey vegetable salad with jelly At least this "salad" has vegetables. And this recipe specifically prohibits mayonnaise. Do not be upset, gelatin and mold are still needed. And a cup of salad sauce with turkey meat and frozen vegetables. Instead of a warm turkey sandwich, it is a frozen turkey and vegetable block hung in a salad dressing.

Ambrosia Salad This is a culinary invention of the dark age of the 20th century, which in my opinion is still alive and well. Ambrosia was recently offered to me when I have at least one red wine gelatin nut salad. However, this is just a reminder that it is still not alright to call this a "salad". With mayonnaise.

Turkey cake . At Google, you get lots of real cakes in charming turkey shapes. But no, that horror belongs in the dark net. Ground turkey, oats, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce coalesce to commit this crime against culinary decorum. Of course it is topped with roasted mini marshmallows. You should not be surprised.

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