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6 What-The-Heck Origin Stories From Classic Shows


9/11 made all of these food networks a success

Overall, were the 9/11 attacks good? We’ll be brave enough to say “no”, but that’s just because we don’t work in the TV kitchen area. If we did that, we would have to admit that the many trends that shifted during the aftermath of the attacks also included ratings that the Food Network skipped a lot.

People wanted comfort, and the food is comforting. Watching food prepare is more calming than doing it yourself, as cooking can be very stressful and sometimes involves burning the part of the body that is the most pointed. Observing can also be more calming than eating, which can lead to embarrassed shame or a trot.

Oh, there were cooking shows long before 2001

. So did celebrity chefs. But now came a shift, starting with the suddenly popular Racheal Ray. Previously, cooking shows had been educational and even educational. You saw a cooking show to learn exactly how to make a dish. But now networks are finding that viewers are increasingly interested in chefs as entertainers and enjoyed watching food regardless of whether or not they got real information on how to do it themselves.

Some PornHub users want to learn new moves, but that's not the main appeal of the medium.
Food Network
Some PornHub users want to learn new moves, but that’s not the main appeal of the medium.

The way of eating also changed. As long as cooking shows were about making you a model housewife, you can expect a program to teach you how to make something healthy and nutritious. But in the 2000s, and with the shift to entertainment, the Food Network realized how much everyone cared about desserts. Vegetarian dishes were soon available, and watching Guy Fieri eat pork bellies was the name of the game. After September 11th, the audience got lazy and fat. The terrorists thought they were going to attack America, but they made us more American than ever.


We have The Oprah Winfrey Show Because Oprah and Roger Ebert were out on a date

Oprah Winfrey and Roger Ebert first met in the late 1970s when he appeared on their show. Not on the Oprah Winfrey Show – we’ll be getting to this show in a moment – but on a local Baltimore morning show called People talk. A chef was teaching viewers how to make zucchini bread (this was a world before 9/11), and during one break the blender spilled the shredded zucchini all over the couch. Oprah covered the pillows with newspapers and told Ebert that the audience wouldn’t know something was wrong unless he rustled them while he sat. After such a perfect meeting, it was clear that the two would be together soon, and that happened, oh, about five years later.

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