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6 underrated travel items to stow your luggage

Packing for a trip is an important first step in making sure you have everything you need to enjoy your free time. However, it’s also something that may make you do in a rush and forget about the essentials. Before you head off on your next vacation, take a look at this list of underrated and often forgotten items that should definitely be included in your luggage.


Travel towelsIf you’ve ever traveled with children, chances are you’ve brought baby wipes to clean up clutter and spills. But even if you are traveling alone or your kids are staying home, wipes are a must on any type of vacation. From the moment you step on the plane to reach your destination, you want the dirty tray cleaned before you use it. Wipes are also helpful if you are camping or hiking and do not have access to running water. This is a great way to quickly wipe your hands before you eat. You might even appreciate a pack of towels for your hotel or bathroom.

Bring a pack of antibacterial wipes with you with baby wipes to keep handy if you come across surfaces that could pose a health risk. When used as intended, antibacterial surface wipes can remove dirt and grime and at the same time kill up to 99.9% of bacteria.


Travel lightsA headlight is something you probably wouldn’t think of if you included it in your luggage. However, if you have traveled with a headlamp, you will find how useful it can be. While most smartphones come with a flashlight, you’ll need to hold it in your hands to use the lighting. A speakerphone makes it easy to explore dark tunnels and caves while being able to see every corner of the area. If you enjoy exploring as part of your vacation, a headlight is a must.

Phone charger / battery

mobile chargerA phone charger is a must for every traveler. Before you leave, check what type of electrical outlets are used in the country you plan to visit. You may need a charger with a different plug to work with your phone. When renting a car, you should also take a car phone charger with you to stay with the rental. Another helpful charger is a portable battery that you can plug into while exploring. Even a small USB pack can usually charge a smartphone once before it needs to be charged.

If your smartphone has a removable battery, consider bringing a spare battery to take with you when you travel. With some phones, you can simply swap the battery for a fully charged one so that you don’t have to look for a power outlet on the go. You may also want to take a spare battery with you for anything else that you use a rechargeable battery with, such as a laptop computer. B. Your digital camera, your tablet or your baby monitor. Airlines limit certain types of batteries in hand luggage. So check the restrictions before attempting to take your backup on board.

Luggage lock

Luggage lock

In certain regions of the world, traveling with valuables can be dangerous. Leaving something valuable in a hotel room or other accommodation can also put your belongings at risk. Many hotels do not offer private safes in their rooms, especially in other countries. So you either have to travel with your laptop or tablet or take the risk of leaving it in the room. Adding a lock to your luggage can reduce the risk of theft as a code is required to access the zipper.

Before investing in a lock, make sure that the lock you are planning to buy is TSA approved. If it doesn’t, TSA officers can cut off your luggage before you even get to your final destination. A colorful luggage lock can also help you find your bag in a crowded baggage claim area.


RainwearRain can seriously affect your vacation plans if you are not equipped with the right equipment. On the flip side, if you have what it takes to hit your head in a rainstorm, you can often benefit from lighter crowds at top attractions and experience areas in different ways. Take a packable rain jacket and waterproof footwear with you on every trip to be prepared for bad weather. A packable anorak or poncho often fits in a tiny pouch so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much valuable space.

Along with your poncho or anorak, it is helpful to take a waterproof bag with you for your trips during your trip. Whether you’re taking a trip to an amusement park, spending the week in Europe, or enjoying a beach vacation, it is helpful to have a bag of the items you want prepackaged when you are away from your hotel. This small backpack, belt pouch, or clutch should contain the essentials you need for your exploration, such as sunscreen, snacks, a water bottle, your phone, and cash and / or credit cards. Choosing a water-resistant material will help prevent damage to your belongings if a storm hits while you are exploring.

Notebook and pen

Notebook and penIf you are taking notes, bring a notebook and pen to keep track of your adventures. While taking photos is a popular pastime among travelers, it can be difficult to remember where you were when you took a particular picture. With a notebook you can write down where you went and when you were there, what special experiences you had in a certain place and even in which places you had a particularly memorable meal or drink.

Now that you know what to pack your luggage, you can feel better equipped for any type of trip. Next Vacay can help you expand your travel budget by offering flight offer notifications that you can use to book when prices are lowest. Use the subscription-based service to get an incredible price on your next vacation, whether you want to relax on a tropical beach spot, hike the wilderness, or get your adrenaline pumping at an exciting amusement park.

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