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6 Stupid cults that hid deep, dark secrets


The Freedomites loved running around naked (and burning down their house) after the tsarist persecution. The sect moved to Canada at the beginning of the 20th century, but while many only wanted to live freely to plant the land with their animal friends, others were upset about the Canadians, who politely but firmly insisted that they become their state Visit schools and fight their world wars there.

This faction called itself the Sons of Freedom or Freedomites. And in line with the tradition of their religion to bear ironic names, they made it their goal to impose their ideals on others. The subcult became famous for not only avoiding materialism but actually condemning it – which they often expressed by protesting nude. These antics put the Doukhobor religion on the map, and many Life photographers took photos of these burly peasants walking with their buttocks through the snow-covered areas of British Columbia.

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