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6 secret actions in famous films The audience did not notice


Ready Player One revolves around Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick

Ready Player One feels like a ThinkGeek store has been launched and written a screenplay, while he was drunk. The referential adventure was staged by legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg. And while the script was based on a popular book, many elements were changed, making it more personal for the director. In this case, the main character Wade looks straight out like a young Spielberg.

Warner Bros. Pictures, Cinema Papers If there are sequels, they will hopefully drop their weird Cabby Hat phase. [1

9659007] Like Wade, Spielberg practically came out of nowhere and had a crazy success at first. Spielberg's first feature film, Jaws, was a huge success, and over the decades he has directed as well as produced hit films. Movies like Back to the future. Wade's first step in an elaborate virtual treasure hunt is to win a crazy car race, which he does with his virtual replica of the DeLorean of BTTF . The car was in the book, but the race was not . The fact that Wade is looking for an icon from one of Spielberg's own projects is significant.

Warner Bros. Pictures Of course, this was more about making a movie out of props they already owned.

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