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6 myths about coffee Immediately stop believing

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Some people can not imagine starting their day without a fresh cup of coffee in the morning while others despise it because of some trivial myths. If you're a tea lover, it's a different story, but there are many questionable things behind this magical drink.

As the most misunderstood addict, coffee tends to maintain its mythically infamous reputation for having various side effects, or negatively impacting our health and overall well-being. Well, this is an article that will help you fall in love with coffee again and inform you comprehensively about all the myths that follow this joyous drink.

Myth # 1

: Coffee deprives you of sleep

Among many other myths about coffee is one that says too much coffee can cause insomnia, utter gibberish , Coffee contains a famous stimulant called caffeine, and when it is consumed in abundance, caffeine can make you more alert than usual.

Believe it or not, but this sense of alertness is short-lived, as it is processed after consumption of coffee by the liver at the speed of light. Then it goes straight to the kidney and within 15 minutes, the caffeine has completely disappeared. Even if you drank a cup of coffee in the late evening, the caffeine disappeared at bedtime.

Myth # 2: Coffee Helps Slimming

Unfortunately, this is another myth. Caffeine can boost your metabolism, but only to a degree. This light metabolism boost will not help you lose weight and will not help you fight the desire not to eat.

People who claim to be able to live without food and instead only drink coffee are workaholics who do not eat. I do not have a normal hunger for food, but even they can not live on coffee alone. Drinking coffee constantly can reduce your hunger for a short time.

Myth # 3: Coffee can be sober

For years, if not centuries, people are looking for a natural remedy for a hangover. Even if it's fantastic, coffee does not help you fight that rash hangover. As mentioned earlier, caffeine can keep you awake, but it's a strong myth that caffeine can reverse the negative cognitive effects of alcohol.

In addition, you may feel worse and with even more headache ] than before. A cup of coffee after a sleepless and adventurous night can keep you awake, but beware as this is just a significant condition.

Myth # 4: Coffee addictive

It's absolutely true that caffeine Coffee contains certain particles that stimulate your central nervous system. This stimulant may cause a slight dependence on this drink, but this is a completely similar effect to that of tea.

If you do not drink coffee for one or two days or even weeks, nothing happens that is not the case Side effects like some other addictive drugs like heroin.

Myth # 5: Coffee can be dangerous during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman goes through different phases. Consequently, it is only logical that she respects her health and restricts, among other things, the intake of caffeine. She should drink more or less than two coffees a day.

Like anything an expectant mother ingests, caffeine passes the placenta and can reach the baby. However, there is no scientific evidence that this is harmful to the fetus.

Myth # 6: Dark roast coffee is the strongest

This is in fact reversed. If you drink dark roasted bean coffee, you will taste a strange, sour taste. The reason for this opposite myth is that when roasting caffeine is burned in coffee beans. Therefore, the sour feeling behind the dark roasted coffee can give someone the feeling of a stronger taste.


Coffee. You love it or hate it. Enjoy every sip of your delicious drink and do not believe in all the myths you've heard about coffee. They may have been invented by tea enthusiasts.

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