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6 Dangerous situations People who have escaped in the craziest possible way

Under normal circumstances, a company sucked every penny on a lawsuit and hooked the man for about a hundred grand in damages. Fortunately it is The energy company was apparently still over the freezing of his brain – the fact that he was literally dying helped – and he only got out with the worst case of shrinkage possible.


Sleep in a horse’s carcass to survive the cold

Leonardo DiCaprio sympathized with a Boston cop, dominated Wall Street, and a host of other roles. Still, you had to climb into a real horse̵

7;s belly to finally get him the stupid golden statue of a bald man. Decades ago, Richard Dailey did the same thing, but he wasn’t interested in a Hollywood hood ornament. He just wanted to live.

As early as 1983, Dailey was a 35-year-old firefighter who loves the outdoors. Just before winter, he thought it would be a great idea to camp and hunt in the mountains for a few days, which we think is a pretty bad idea thanks to this guy who is a power pole. Everything was fine the first few days but everything went downhill when they hit a big win on day three. Dailey’s horse, She is A’Bligin didn’t do much courteously when the buck fell on the saddle. Dailey and his friend didn’t want to leave their prize, so they devised a plan to go to a friend’s ranch, deliver the smaller deer they’d hunted, borrow a saddle, and come back for the grand prize. But night caught up before they reached the truck and they were lost.

Instead of trying to get lost any further, Dailey and his friend decided to stay the night and hope they didn’t end up like Leo’s role Titanic. He had some fuel, tinder, and kindling, but the winds wouldn’t allow him to start a fire. With nothing working, Dailey thought about putting everything into the source of the problem – she’s A’Bligin. Dailey had his friend shoot their horses, then they gutted them and turned them into comfortable sleeping bags for horses. How does it feel to sleep in a dead horse when hypothermia sets in? Dailey said: “You can’t imagine how good it felt. It warmed you up instantly.”

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“I’m sure it will feel the same way when I stick my hoof up your ass, human. We don’t forget.”

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