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6 Confusing Stories from Robert Pattinson That Ask More Questions Than Answers


The Time Robert Pattinson song about the explosion of a clown

During the promotion for the film Water for elephants, Robert was interviewed by Matt Lauer on The Today’s show. Lauer opens the interview with a softball question about how children dream of running away to join the circus. “Did you have any of these dreams as a kid?” he asks Pattinson.

“Uh no,” Pattinson replied immediately. “When I first went to the circus, someone died … one of the clowns died.”

“Okay, I’m not letting go of this. How did the clown die?” Lauer asks skeptically, and rightly so.

“His little car exploded, everyone ran out, it was terrible,” Pattinson shot back immediately

Matt Lauer, a professional who is only distracted when a 20-year-old intern is harassed, glosses over the whole thing and keeps asking him questions about the film. Of course, no one would let go of a bizarre story.

When a reporter brought up the story at the film’s premiere in Germany, Pattinson admitted that he made it up. “It’s coming back to haunt me. I said it on a show. It was really early in the morning the day after the New York premiere. Someone asked me what I was up to with the circus and I thought I had nothing Interesting to know. I don’t know why I said that! “

Did he think this exploding clown anecdote would make him, handsome man Robert Pattinson, more reliable? Did he think I’d never been to a circus, an environment not generally known for the preponderance of dead clowns?

6 Confusing Stories From Robert Pattinson That Ask More Questions Than Answers - Robert Pattinson Surrounded By Paparazzi

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To be honest, your first memory of the fiery clown death might excuse some of his … pattinsonness.

I do not believe that. It sounds like it was 6 a.m. He was bored, and making a charming circus story wasn’t a computer. To amuse himself, he said the strangest thing he could think of. I think that happens a lot, and if you are mega-famous and say something bullshit because your tiredness has consequences, it ends up like that …


PETA thanked Robert Pattinson for not jerking a dog

In 2017, Robert Pattinson was in the film Good time Everyone was enthusiastic because it was a film by the Safdie brothers that received a standing ovation for six minutes at the Cannes Film Festival. So he goes to Jimmy Kimmel to promote him, and the pleasant on-set story he is ready to charm the audience is about a scene where his character masturbates a dog.

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