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6 candidates for 2020 Whose records will get you up and running?

As a California prosecutor and attorney general, Harris was harsh with crime because you must uphold law and order … and even those sweet, sweet, profit-oriented prisons. She actively fought to arrest more prisoners, although the Supreme Court ruled that crowded California prisons led to cruel and unusual punishments. Their office even made the terrible argument that their release would reduce the supply of cheap labor.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images "If you like joints so much, why not stay in one big one?"

And this was not Harris's only support for a really miserable policy while he was in office. She wanted to prosecute the instruction and to sustain unlawfully convicted persons. She consistently tried to keep innocent people trapped for technical reasons. For example, in order not to bring forward legal arguments in good time. Yes, it is extremely important that you always have the correct data, Mrs. "Snoop Dogg and Tupac from the early 80's".

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Peter Buttigieg Expelled poor minorities from their homes

It's a bit difficult to criticize Mayor Pete for political reasons, since he's in prison Essentially none has, but we can look at what he has done while he is responsible for South Bend, Indiana. As mayor, he sought to remedy the rampant homelessness and decay of the city with a project "1

,000 apartments in 1,000 days". It was quite simple: Demolishing empty houses and relentlessly punishing all the rotten houses that still had residents until they moved out or were sealed off. Do you want to guess who lived in these houses?

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