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6 Apparently random things that are life or death

But it is also not not heart attack. A Chinese study found that every 100-point change in the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index resulted in more than 5% more deaths from coronary artery disease. These cartoons depicting a banker get scary financial news that will cause his eyes to pop up just before he faints are frankly not that far away. Do you know how every time Trump tweets a lot, the market falls? We don't encourage this kind of behavior, but if you wanted to yell at someone who keeps causing tiny genocides, you could do so.

You would think if the economic winds are favorable, then the ship of life and health will sail smoothly. But apparently these winds only make the ship sink faster. An increase in gross domestic product in an industrialized country of only 1

% leads to an increase in mortality rates in many age groups, especially among men. If the economy is on the right track, mortality will increase by 0.36% in the early seventies and by 0.38% in the early forties – in other words, in their prime Wolf of Wall Street years . Is that it? Do strippers kill these guys?

<img alt = "ATTENTION, A BEAR!
A bear market? Not likely in this economy !!!" width = "350" height = "322" class = "lazy" data-src = "https://s3.crackedcdn.com/phpimages/article/0/8/4/728084_v2.jpg" /> PhotoBarmaley / Shutterstock "ATTENTION, A BEAR!"
"A bear market? Not likely in this economy !!!"

Kind of! When a strong economy leads to less unemployment and therefore more money, people tend to spend more on fatty foods and other unhealthy vices. According to economist Christopher Ruhm, recessions are good for your health. In difficult times there are fewer traffic-related deaths and pollution, and people go to the doctor more often. It makes sense: if you don't have a job, you're less inclined to buy a car or spend money on gasoline, so go more. You also have more time to descend into a WedMD rabbit hole.

So which one do you want? Live longer in shitty times or go out in a frenzy of money?

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