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55 stupid movie choices we almost made

Movies are being rewritten, and changes like beavers go through trees to build something magnificent. That doesn’t mean we can’t look at the scraps and the look in shock and awe.

1. Rocky almost threw his fight to Apollo Creed on purpose and would have taken his winnings to help Adrian start his own pet store. Obviously there has been a lot more money going on winning Rocky and a number of sequels so that’s the reality we have.

2. Jack Black was almost Green Lantern in a movie that was less of a superhero movie than a crazy Jack Black movie with some superhero stuff. It featured rude scenes of Black getting drunk, eating severed heads, and trapping bad guys in huge green condoms.

3. Universal Studios wanted to cut the speed dating scene in The 40-year-old virgin because they felt like Steve Carell looked like a serial killer. They tried so hard to make him appear less of a serial killer throughout the movie because, frankly, he kind of looked like one.

4. Tim Burtons Batman originally presented Joker kills even more parents – including Dick Graysons. Luckily for everyone involved, they decided to cut the Robin stuff out completely and focus on making the best Batman they could.

5. Bambi almost wandered into it yet another Corpse – this time not just his mother, but the hunter who shot her. Bambi would have torn the hunter to pieces and burned him in a fire he lit.

6th Gladiator 2 was written when Russell Crowe hired Nick Cave to put it together – yes, the Bad Seeds rocker, that Nick Cave. This script had Maximus fought in wars throughout history and eventually ended up in the Pentagon. The studios scrapped it because it was “too over the top”.

7th Titanic almost ended with some really cheesy garbage dialogue and weird dancing. James Cameron, Fortunately, wise and left with the silent but meaningful ending that has become a classic.

8th. The glow ended fairly bluntly when Jack froze to death and the audience wondered what had happened. But in the original version, an epilogue showed Jack’s family being taken in, adopted by the hotel manager, and then moving to Los Angeles.

9. ET was originally a horror film. That glowing finger? It should be able to kill with a single touch. Steven Spielberg has even called it “suburban evil” versus “suburban good”.

10. Stan Lee was super ready to make Spider-Man films back in the 1970s. His first stab had hooked him up with Steve Krantz and it was about singing, dancing and the craziest thing of all – Nazis.


12. Truly terrible characters get into a series of insane misadventures in all sorts of settings and with all sorts of other characters. Do you know who Jason Voorhees almost had a movie with? Cheech and Chong. Studios ultimately decided This comedy horror wouldn’t work.

13th Back to the Future: Part II It wasn’t originally about all the different timelines, the madness embodied by Biff as Vegas that we know and love. InsteadIt was a hippie festival in 1967 that saw Marty get jailed and convince his hippie parents to mess with babies.

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