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5 Weird Facts About ‘Anchorman’

If you’re not a fan of the movie “Anchorman” we’re not sure we can be friends with you. It’s arguably the funniest and most popular of all Will Ferrell’s films, and it’s just as funny now as it was when it came out in 2004. Everyone who’s seen the movie knows at least three or four “Anchorman” quotes, and we use them they do more in everyday life than we’d like to admit. Some of us even secretly wish we could be as cool as Ron Burgundy ̵

1; or as cool as Ron Burgundy, if at least he wasn’t crying in a phone booth. We don’t think we’re exaggerating when we say it’s one of the best comedy movies of the 21st centuryst Century until now.

Even though it’s 16 years old now – old enough to get married and join the army in some parts of the world – there is still as much interest in the film as ever. Even the second “Anchorman” film, which released to less favorable reviews in 2013, didn’t dampen public excitement for the exaggerated characters and their lives in the world that the original film created. If you entered “Anchorman” in an Internet search, “Anchorman 3” was displayed as a suggested result. That’s because there are still millions of people hoping the story isn’t done yet.

However, this article is not about the potential future of ‘Anchorman’, it is about this fantastic first film. We have five fabulous facts about ‘Anchorman’ that we bet you didn’t know and we’re about to share them with you now!

1. The film was not shot in San Diego

“Anchorman”, as anyone who has ever seen the film knows, is set in San Diego. That fact makes one of the key scenes in the film, as Ron Burgundy accidentally blows an explosion on the entire population of San Diego after someone put it in his autocue. You may therefore be surprised to learn that the film was not shot in San Diego. You see the city in the film’s opening minutes, but everything after that was shot in either Los Angeles or Long Beach. There were practical reasons for this; The film is set in the 1970s, and it just wasn’t possible to attract enough San Diego to make it appear like it did thirty years ago. Los Angeles is far more used to being used and compensated for such purposes, and so it became a cheaper location for filming.

2. Will Ferrell did not fake the flute scene

One of the most surprising aspects of Ron Burgundy’s character is that he is actually a skilled flute player. He shows off his flautist skills to Veronica Corningstone as part of his attempted seduction, and everything is going remarkably well. What you may not know is that Will Ferrell didn’t ask for someone else to come in and play the flute for the film’s soundtrack. Ferrell has been playing the jazz flute since childhood and continues to play it in his spare time. We’re not sure if he ever set fire to the Jimi Hendrix-style ending like Burgundy does on canvas, but he knows his way around the instrument. He took up the flute again last year and showed his skills to the world after being asked to do so by pop singer Lizzo.

3. Almost missed Christina Applegate

It is impossible to watch one of the “Anchorman” films and imagine someone other than Christina Applegate in the role. She is perfect for it and she plays it convincingly and naturally and somehow brings lightness to a completely absurd world around her. However, she almost never got the role. Maggie Gyllenhaal auditioned for the role and was briefly the front runner, but she was ultimately tossed aside for a strange reason. Adam McKay, the director of the film, thought she was too good for the role. He felt that Gyllenhaal was so talented that she would one day win an Oscar, and in his own words, “You don’t cast Meryl Streep in comedies.” McKay convinced himself he was going to harm Gyllenhaal’s career by incorporating it into such a ridiculous movie. We’re not sure what that says about his opinion on Christina Applegate’s talents!

4. It has become an online slots hit

In the past, a successful movie might have a companion video game or, in the future, a companion television series. It is just as likely to show up on the reels of any casino website these days. There are many movies that have been recreated or introduced as online slots, but most of them are action movies. This is an obvious connection as action films share the goal of online slots which is to get the adrenaline pumping and the blood racing. ‘Anchorman’ is one of the few comedies to get its own official online slots game, and it has proven to be a huge hit with the websites that host it. The slot was released in 2018 and for those interested in things like that, it offers a return-to-player rate of 96.03%, 25 ways to win, plus a bonus wheel and free spins with characters from the movie. Play with Ron Burgundy? We’re not sure we would, but the option is there for you if you want to take advantage of it.

5. There was a real Ron Burgundy

They say the best comedy has a basis in truth, so maybe it shouldn’t surprise us too much that there was a real-world equivalent to Ron Burgundy in the 1970s. His name was Harold Greene and if you look up pictures of him you will be impressed by the resemblance. He had the same taste in suits, the same hairstyle, and even the same mustache. We’re not sure if his apartment smelled of rich mahogany or if his contemporaries thought he was “a big deal”, but he worked for both KGTV and KCST-TV in the 1970s. Both stations served San Diego. We don’t know if he got a payoff from the way he was “used” in the film, but if he didn’t, it may be something he (or his lawyers) should investigate.

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