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5 ways to live in a tiny house will improve the quality of your life

Tiny home living is becoming more and more popular every day for several reasons. Many people move into tiny houses out of necessity or to save money, but a handful of people are taking the step to improve their quality of life.

Looking at the different types of tiny houses, it’s not hard to see the allure. They look small from the outside, but an open floor plan can make even a 300-square-foot home look big.

If it sounds strange that living in a tiny house can improve the quality of life, consider these life changing benefits.

1. Having less “stuff” frees your mind

How much time do you spend thinking about or rearranging / reorganizing things in your house? Do you have a storage unit full of things that don’t fit in your home?

The more things you have, the more your mind is tied to thinking about those things. Whether you’re thinking of paying your inventory bill, having a flea market, or rearranging your furniture, you spend more time thinking about your “stuff” than you think.

You can’t have a lot of stuff in a tiny house, and there’s no point keeping things in a storage unit unless you plan on returning to a full-size house at some point.

Living in a tiny house frees your mind from endless management of “things”.

2. Less clutter, less stress, and better focus

For some consciously and for most unconsciously, disorder causes stress. While some people are visibly bothered by heaps of things, others don’t realize that clutter is the source of their stress.

Clutter is the number one enemy of anyone looking to stay focused all day. Even the Mayo Clinic says clutter inhibits focus.

When you work from home, as many do today, nothing is more distracting than clutter. The worst part is when you get used to the clutter and end up with an excruciating fear that you cannot trace back to a source.

If you live in a tiny house, you automatically have less clutter. Tiny homes tend to have far less surface area on which to clutter. You won’t have enough free standing bookcases or random tables throughout the house. Inevitably, if you start collecting clutter in a tiny house, you cannot live in your home.

3. You can choose your landscape

If you own a tiny house, you can choose the location of the country where you live. You may not have too many options, but you have more options for the scenery than if you were renting an apartment where you are stuck and staring at a wall, busy street, or someone else’s bedroom window.

Studies have shown that changing scenes can improve your wellbeing and mood. For some, this change of scene is accomplished by taking a stroll. Why not go all the way and change the landscape of your residence?

Keeping in mind that you need a piece of land will give you better visibility than an apartment or even a house in the city. You can choose your landscape by facing your small home in any direction you want the sun to shine (or not) through certain windows. If there is a tree that you find particularly interesting, orienting your home so that you can see that tree through the kitchen window, bedroom window, or any other room you want.

4. You are at home wherever you move

For those who rent apartments and houses, moving means moving from a familiar home to a new living space. A new home can be difficult to adapt to when you are tied to the layout of your old home.

With a tiny house, no matter where you move, you still live in the same house. This can give you peace of mind and give you the consistency you need to feel stable.

5. Living in a small space is the motivation to go outside

Getting out into the fresh air and nature has a positive effect on your health. When you live in a tiny house, you have more reason to go outside to the garden, take a walk, or just sit under a tree.

Tiny houses don’t have to be that small

Now, if you are convinced of the reasons why a tiny house improves the quality of your life, you are probably skeptical about living in a small space. However, with a good floor plan and a little more space, you can feel just as comfortable as you’d expect from a standard size home.

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