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5 ways to be rich will mess with your mind (according to science)

The fact is, rich people are assholes. What? We dehumanize the rich, you say? A couple of things on this: first, you might want to bill them if you want to be their PR person – and second, how can that be dehumanizing? Nothing is more human than a colossal idiot!

Indeed it is because They are people that wealth has that effect on them – the same thing would likely happen to you or me if we stumbled upon a few million. This is not a postmodern Commie SJW cultural Marxist – there is science behind it and we are going to show you.

Consider Jeff Bezos – fortune, over $ 180 billion. For the average Amazon employee to save this much, they must have been with the company since about the time that people learned to start a fire (and you know Amazon wasn̵

7;t there then because you don’t have to pay for a subscription -Service for fried marshmallows). He is appreciated to do $ 78.5 billion per year – He could give any of his 800,000 employees a Tesla every Christmas and it would still have enough left to be as filthy rich as filthy rich can be. (You don’t have to believe us – You can do the math yourself.) Then why does he give a shit about his workers instead, just to save up, which means pocket money for him? In addition, Amazon paid for several years in a row No income taxes despite reporting astronomical revenues. That’s right – Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, didn’t pay any taxes. He paid 0 taxes. That’s as much as no taxes at all.

    Amazon has paid no income tax for several years in a row, despite reporting astronomical revenues.  That's right - Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, didn't pay any taxes.  He paid 0 taxes.  That's as much as no taxes at all.

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And that’s awful.

We’re not in Bezos’ hairless coconut to know why he’s doing all this, but maybe Sam Polk can give us a clue. Polk is a former Wall Street trader who wrote about his past obsession with how like money It was an addiction::

“Have you ever seen what a drug addict is like when he’s finished his trash? He’ll do anything – run 20 miles in the snow, rob a grandma – to find a solution. Wall Street was like that. In the months before, bonuses.” were handed out, the trading floor felt like a neighborhood in ‘The Wire’ when the heroin ran out. “

Go in the snow, rob a grandma – maybe you force people to pee in bottles when you are powerful enough Make warehouses a (cheap) hell while you can get away with it? Polk’s answer is pretty much “yup”.

“Only a wealth addict would feel eligible for $ 14 million in compensation – including a $ 8.5 million bonus – as McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson did in 2012 while he was in business then published a pamphlet for his workforce on how to survive. Only a wealth addict would make hundreds of millions as a hedge fund manager and then work to close a tax loophole that gave him a lower tax rate than his secretary. “

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