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5 ways crime becomes weird

This is pretty bad, since the police authorities really don’t need any more reasons to beware of the motives and legitimacy of someone who says they are a police officer.

And the problem can be particularly bad for some groups: among immigrants who come from a country where people generally don’t have a good relationship with law enforcement, it’s not great to be bullied by a man who pretends to be a To be a cop Start changing that. To make matters worse, these groups are often vulnerable, so fake police officers may target them. All in all, idiots disguised as police officers help kill people’s lack of trust in the police.


The lock screws over money launderers

Since the block has closed retail stores and reduced traffic to a minimum, it has been almost impossible for money launderers to do their thing. Like everyone who has watched Ozark Knowing money laundering is essentially hiding dirty money under regular transactions, and when there are no transactions there are serious problems. As a result, the DEA confiscates far more money than before ̵

1; in some cases around ten times more – and cartels lose millions.

For example, in NYC and the Los Angeles region, money and laundry seizures have been widely seized this year. Agents confiscated $ 10 million between 1 March and 8 May in LA – compared to $ 4.5 million in 2019. And in NYC, the amount of cash they have seized has increased 180% since 2019. The cartels are pursuing a fairly complicated washing strategy, which was made impossible by the ban – so the cartels’ money continued to accumulate. The result? DEA’s cash transportation used to be in the $ 100,000 range. It is now known to exceed $ 1 million.

So, but stuffed in a travel bag and on the way to Guadalajara.Alexander Schimmeck / UnsplashSo, but stuffed in a travel bag and on the way to Guadalajara.

Buying goods in stores is the first step in the NYC cartel plan. These goods are then shipped to China, where Chinese criminal gangs receive them, and then typically transfer money to the cartels in Mexico. Why running around? Chinese bank transfers are difficult to track, and transferring money from the United States would be like holding a copper stick during a thunderstorm. All of this means that America’s suspension had the unexpected but welcome side-effect of screwing up the Chinese mafia.

And money laundering isn’t just on its knees in large urban centers – DEA agents in Michigan and Ohio have similar stories. The amounts of money they seize are not huge, but the place where you can find them is: A lot of money is seized at airports. Apparently, washers are trying to move hundreds of thousands of dollars by plane, something they have never tried before. Why? Well, in these states, cartels move money by literally driving it across the border, and that’s much more dangerous without traffic, as you’ll be spotted and run over much more often if you’re pretty much the only street. Even if you avoid this, it doesn’t take into account the possibility of an accident involving all the idiot street races.

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