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5 very unlikely things we got thanks to religion


Chiropractic was invented by a spiritist who received it “from the other world”.

If you’ve heard vaguely of chiropractors all your life, you can assume it’s a kind of doctor. You haven’t chosen any of these super sexy specialties like brain surgery, but you’re still doctors, like a podiatrist, just for your back. You are not. Chiropractic (that’s the formal word for “stuff chiropractors do”) is a form of alternative medicine. That said, we recognize and regulate it to prevent untrained people from paralyzing unhappy patients, but no one has a medical degree and we’re not sure if the treatment will do much.

And unlike many forms of alternative medicine, chiropractic is not an old tradition or an import from another culture. It̵

7;s the idea of ​​a man, a 19th century beekeeper named Daniel David Palmer. Based on many beliefs, DD Palmer was what we would call quacks today. He tried to heal people by manipulating their magnetic fields and decidedly refused vaccination. He did not believe in germs at all, but described the position of the spine as the secret for both physical health and an increased intellect.

A healthy mind in a hairy body.
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A healthy mind in a hairy body.

The art of chiropractic, Palmer said, was from a Dr. Jim Atkinson was revealed – a man who, Palmer freely admitted, had died 50 years ago. Atkinson had returned from the “other world” as an “intelligent spiritual being” to teach about this new area, which was not just physiotherapy, but a religious system that prepares people for both this and the next world. Palmer saw himself as “the fountain head” of this burgeoning faith and imagined that people would regard him as a religious founder on the level of Jesus or Muhammad.

Instead, Palmer got into trouble, for example because he had practiced medicine without a license. He died in 1913 and California continued to arrest his students for the same offense until a 1922 law allowed chiropractors to offer treatments based on religious freedom. They could even legally call themselves doctors (they are “chiropractic doctors” if not medical doctors). The AMA scolded chiropractic and called it an unscientific cult, but it still exists today. You can try your luck with a chiropractor if you suffer from back pain. Just don’t rely on it to save your soul – or, as some chiropractors say, to cure your asthma or autism.

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