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5 true crime stories that sound like the worst movie of all time


A Fugitive American Drug King Rebuilds an Australian Legend

Dennis Lafferty has been running a popular ecotourism company in the Daintree Rainforest, the crocodile-infested part of the crocodile, for 40 years. infested region of Australia. The company was a major local employer, and Lafferty a local legend, the kind of man who "can make a fire out of nowhere in a rainstorm". He spent his time preserving the local rainforest and personally saved hundreds of barbed fruit bats. When Lafferty tragically crashed into a tree in 2015, the community was surprised that a man as heavy as he could even die. They were particularly surprised when they learned that this was the second time he had died.

He was in truth Raymond Stansel, the erstwhile king of Florida marijuana smuggler. By 1

973, his drug empire had run aground, and Stansel was caught by government officials. When he was in court in Miami, his lawyer announced that his client had died in a "mysterious diving accident." This may seem suspicious to you, but it is actually the third most common cause of death in Florida, behind "Meth Laboratory Explosion" and "Fighting a Reptile."

Not everyone has bought them, but even an international manhunt has failed to track down the man. That is, until weeks after Stansel's second and final death in Daintree, when his widow told The Tampa Bay Times the whole story and the newspaper briefed the police – or at least the few investigators who were still alive Himself.

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A disgraced roller coaster tycoon attempted to smuggle drugs into its rides

Norbert Witte built a small park kingdom behind his esteemed Catapult, the "fastest roller coaster in the world". But as with every good rollercoaster it went downhill fast. In 1981, Witte personally caused the worst carnival tragedy in Germany, when the repair crane operated by him collided with an attraction, injured 15 and killed seven. Witte did not want a few ruined lives to get in the way of his work.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Witte bought the largest state amusement park in the former East Berlin state … and then ran into the ground. In 2001, Spreepark had ruined the Witte dynasty, and debts of nearly $ 20 million had to give up its rustling dream. It still stands today and serves both as proof of his failure and for Berlin's scariest Gothic make-up.

Abigor / Wikimedia Commons What squares could visit Disneyland when devoured by nightmare wolves? Option?

Now, a guy who's being chased by a circus blood bath with an abandoned communist amusement park is clearly the first candidate for a Scooby-Doo villain, but Witt's criminal career became much darker. After losing the Spreepark, Witte packed his coasters and moved to Peru, hoping to open Lima's largest theme park. But with no real plan, money, or coasters (the Customs kept its inspection trips), Witt's wild ride seemed to have come to a halt. Desperate and in agreement with ideas, he agreed to send a Ferris wheel to Germany – with hidden $ 10 million cocaine.

Witte had his most shady Karny contacts (which says something!) Reached and registered himself and his 21-year-old son Marcel mixed 167 kilograms of cocaine to Germany. Unfortunately, Witte was so dumb and careless of smuggling drugs as driving safety, and was easily caught by covert police officers. Fortunately, he arrived in Germany before being arrested and only spent four years in a convenient security prison. Marcel was not so fortunate and was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in the most brutal and horrific prison in Peru, which expired in 2016 after he almost died several times.

When his family refused to speak to him, Norbert ended up in a rundown caravan in the overgrown ruins of his beloved Spreepark, surrounded by rotting attractions and dreaming of opening one last ride.

OK, now he's Scooby-Doo villain sure right?

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