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5 Trash Ways Video Game Publishers Fucked People

Basically, they were publishers who used ignorant customers as a source of income after the point of sale. After their games were added to a Reddit shitlist of games that were collecting data, a good chunk of the abusive companies vowed to remove them. scrub Red Shell from its properties like dog excrement stuck to your shoe. How bad was this spyware scandal? Over 50 games bad. The culprits include a few well-known IP addresses that are not limited to: Elder Scrolls, civilization Games that War hammer Series and Dead in daylight. And those were just the players being tagged and embarrassed. There may be more that we will never know about.


Shitty developers sued Steam users for making the public aware that they are Shitty developers

Given how video game companies repeatedly ignore fans, one would assume they are immune to criticism. That is, except for one. In 2016, after a series of fan ridicules, Digital Homicide sued a hundred Steam users for the online destruction of $ 18 million in damages.

The Steam players, part of a self-identified Consumer protection group Got the guts on the forums to poke fun at Digital Homicide’s consistently poor quality control. It wasn’t the first time they’d tried to silence their critics. Digital’s first target was the YouTube games channel The Jimquisition, Run by game journalist Jim Sterling who didn’t hold back in destroying Digital Homicide’s The battlefields. He was beaten with a $ 10 million lawsuit, his channel struck by a fake copyright complaint, and his rating reduced to an error screen:

Admittedly more entertaining than gameplay material from The battlefields.

The file was a thinly shrouded molestation suit held together by shit and tears of anger. The lawsuit was soon dismissed on allegations of stalking, conspiracy and “excruciating interference“To be too stupid even for the plaintiffs further entertaining. In defense of its users, Steam banned Digital Homicide, and its catalog of stinkers was banned once and for all.

Above picture: Bethesda

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