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5 Total Bonehead Executive Messages at These Times


The Mayor of Osaka said women shouldn’t go shopping

According to Ichiro Matsui, the mayor of Osaka, this is a time when men should shop for the household. Why? In his own words, spoken at a press conference on coronaviruses: “Women spend more time shopping for groceries because they search different products and consider which option is the best.” In contrast to men who “quickly buy what they should buy so that they don’t stay in the supermarket – this avoids close contact with others.”

Apparently women can't resist it.NEONBRAND / UnsplashApparently women can’t resist it.

When a reporter called him, he only said that this is true in his family, even if it may not be in contact. Of course, he was later drawn into social media – for example, the famous journalist Shoko Egawa said that “people who know nothing about everyday life should not make comments” and regular users called his comments “full of prejudices against women”. and “disrespectful to women and men.” What you wouldn’t even have to say in one of the most advanced countries in the world, but 2020 found another way to disappoint us.

Unfortunately, views like his are not too unusual. Japan is still a very patriarchal society where women are routinely expected to look after children and do housework in addition to full-time work. To give you a sense of how bad it is, the World Economic Forum Indexed Gender Differences 121 out of 153 countries.

In such an environment, it is probably not too far from the left field to hear a major politician make misogynistic statements with the weak defense “I know that may sound untouched”. If you are part of a society that is patriarchal, you may think these beliefs are at most a little strange and ignore the effects of repetition from a position of power. And that is one reason to be glad that at least one reporter immediately drew his attention to it. It may not be much, but it is a puncture in a really harmful bladder.


A Canadian energy official said it’s great that people can’t protest pipelines

In a podcast interview in May about building a pipeline between Edmonton and Vancouver, Sonya Savage, Alberta’s energy minister, said that now was an ideal time to do so. Why? because the ban restricted the protests to 15 people. “Let’s build it,” she said, making her interviewer laugh as you would expect from a normal person. She didn’t laugh back, not even with a crazy cackle. Instead, just to take her position home, she stressed that “ordinary Canadians” would not stand protests that would prevent job creation at this point anyway.

She must have been very surprised shortly afterwards.Ali Jabber / ShutterstockShe must have been very surprised shortly afterwards.

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