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5 things that were inexplicably popular now


In Italy, millions of people started buying more cigarettes

When Italy’s blockade began, the government closed everything except major stores like supermarkets, pharmacies and … uh … tobacco shops? That’s true; The government apparently believed that cigarettes were essential enough for everyday people. This also turned out to be a sadly accurate call, since the queues for cigarettes were sometimes longer than those for food. The data tells us the same thing: Many Italians started smoking or started smoking much more in the block: 3.9 million of them (roughly the population of LA), to be exact.

Smoking is of course very dangerous at the moment. Epidemiologists believe that China and Italy̵

7;s high smoking rates may have made the outbreaks worse, which would make a lot of sense. Smoking cuts off the cilia, the hairy pieces of tissue in your lungs that sweep away mucus and dirt, and COVID can also damage them. So if you smoke, give COVID infection a head start.

It's like running into the school bully after you hit yourself.Olena Yakobchuk / ShutterstockIt’s like running into the school bully after you hit yourself.

To be fair to Italy, cigarette sales have increased slightly worldwide, but that’s probably mainly due to stockpiling. It’s also worth noting that around 630,000 Italians used the pandemic as an opportunity to quit smoking – which is great, of course, but that’s not even a fifth of the number of people who smoke more. So something strange is going on.

What has led people to adopt a lung-damaging habit at a time when their lungs need to be intact more than ever? In short, boredom and coolness. Part of the story is that there is simply not much to do in the block. So why not light up? Of course, that doesn’t explain why other countries don’t smoke much more, and so we have to look at how Italy’s culture deals with smoking. When cigarettes first appeared, they were quite expensive, so smoking was as much a sign of wealth as, for example, designer clothes – and it was always portrayed in Italian films. For decades, they showed smoking as the cool, expensive hobby of rich and effortlessly elegant people.

This probably caused Italy not to do so, although other countries eventually viewed it as an unhealthy addiction for poor people. So if you’re stuck at home and have nothing to do, you might as well do something that makes you look cool and a bit high quality, right? Yes, it could kill you and definitely make you smell it, but your last days will be glamorous (minus the hacking).


Seeds have not sold as quickly since the Great Depression

While most of us spent quarantine watching Netflix and planting herbs Game changeTons of people have spent growing herbs in real life. (While Netflix is ​​still being watched because watching plants is boring after 2 minutes.) And we mean tons because the seed industry has apparently not seen this demand since the Great Depression. You might think this is the result of people wanting to grow their own food, but no – all sorts of seeds fly off the shelves. It seems that the pandemic has caused people to grow flowers, fruits, vegetables and everything else that they can get their hands on.

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