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5 Terrifying Food Secrets Supermarkets will never tell you

In other words, refrain from any romanticizing idea of ​​a farmer who regularly goes to the cowshed, where he sadly kills a member of his herd like a cattle version of Old Yeller . It's brutal, cruel and … you still spit up on that patty, right? Yes, the same here.

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If you eat prepared food from a supermarket deli, it's probably expired

Hey, ever wondered what supermarkets and Grocery stores make do with all the expired food? Truckloads and truckloads of products go beyond their expiration dates every day, and it must be expensive to get rid of all that. Unrelated: Have you ever wondered where these stores get the prepared foods they sell in their delis? OK, that was really no connection.

At first glance, the recycling of foods that are about to run out (or just look ugly) sounds like a great idea. Wasting food is a bad thing, and "dates of expiration" or "best of when" dates may be used as well. Who did not eat at home in the night an expired parcel with something from his own cabinet possibly something cried? Fun times.

The difference is that the consumer decides at home what is safe, with his health (and his hunger) the primary concern. At a grocery store, an employee can call to see if an expired item is safe for you or your family. And according to the data of the CDC, they are a bit annoying.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Once again America's butt and tail do not disappoint.

Outbreaks of E. Coli Salmonella and hepatitis A have all been associated with grocery stores, as even the largest and best-established grocery chains are having difficulty, with the growing demand for "grocery" ̵

1; Meals to keep up. (This is a portmanteau of "grocery" and "restaurant", not some kind of cosmic villain of Marvel Comics.) It's hard to say where in the process food gets bad – they could be spoiled food that goes to the deli instead of the Delicatessen went dumpsters or perfectly edible foods that were only stored improperly. In any case, we find it doubtful that the wage slaves who work in supermarket delis have the time or inclination to meticulously wash all of these insecticides in a backwater and water bath of the products. So think about it. Bon appetit !

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