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5 technical mistakes every business should avoid

Open a business is a lot easier when it comes to technology. But as with anything, there are good and bad ways to use technology. Entrepreneurs often find themselves at the end of lousy technical practices and end up ruining their business plans and slowing their progress. Here are five mistakes every business, regardless of size, should avoid for smoother operations, higher ROI, and an improved customer experience.

1. Don’t Back up your data

With the availability of sophisticated analytical tools, it has become extremely easy for companies to base their decisions on data. That’s a good thing, but what if you lose some of your data after a system break or a cyber attack?

File backup is ideal here. With copies of all of your business and customer files stored somewhere, you can do daily activities knowing that your data is permanently inaccessible. Consider investing in Backup as a service (BaaS) if you run a small business that cannot afford the expensive traditional internal storage systems.

2. Use outdated software

Business software is supposed to Maximize efficiency. However, using outdated software can slow down some business processes and increase your progress. Additionally, it will likely scare off tech-savvy customers who may be more interested in up-to-date, easy-to-use technical infrastructure.

Another reason to keep your software and hardware updated is that older versions are more prone to security breaches.

3. Lack of adequate staff training

If employees don’t know the first about the new technological infrastructure, your new investment will not be put to good use and the ROI will be reduced. Every company should have a program to familiarize relevant departments and employees with new hardware or software before installing it. In this way, their use is optimized and the encounter with customers is optimized.

4th Overlooked web design

A website is an indispensable tool whether you run a brick and mortar business or some or all of your services / products are online. While many business owners know this, few appreciate the power of good website design. A well-designed site loads quickly, has smooth navigation, and is accessible from all devices, including cell phones and tablets. Always have your new website tested and checked for page load speeds mobile optimization before you put it on the World Wide Web. Slags are detrimental, as are all other performance issues.

5. No cybersecurity investment

This is mostly a small business mistake. Many greenhorn entrepreneurs thrive on the misleading notion that cyber crooks have better and bigger companies that can terrorize and leave their data littered with vulnerabilities. Some don’t even know that cyber attacks are a thing.

If you are so ignorant, you are putting your infancy business at significant risk Hacking incidents. Yes, as a small business you may get less interest from cyber criminals, but if a violation does occur, you may not be able to recover.


Tech is a demanding place for many new entrepreneurs. However, if you want to incorporate technology into your operations, make sure you are improving and not downgrading your service delivery. Avoid the mistakes mentioned above and you will increase that prospect.

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