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5 suicides, which were almost certainly murders

Death by own hand is a tragedy that affects almost everyone. Depression, feelings of guilt, fear, these emotions can eat away the soul, until you can no longer bear it and death seems the only way out. Unfortunately, it is for some.

But what happens when a suicide is actually a murder that is most evil? Murders that, for reasons of laziness, bribery or political conspiracy, have caused suicides when they were not? In many cases, these are suicides that, despite all signs of an external hand, are a dirty act of a monster in human skin.

Let's look at 5 suicide cases that were almost certainly murders.


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5 The Death of Rebecca Zahau

In mid-July 2011, Rebecca Zahau suffered a tragedy. Her 6-year-old son, Max, is said to have fallen off the banister on the second floor of the couple's summerhouse, breaking his spine and causing severe brain damage. Within two days of the fall, Rebecca would be found dead.

According to official reports, Rebecca was found hanging from a balcony on the second floor in the backyard of the mansion at the neck. The police decided it was a suicide, which, if only you knew it had died hanging, would probably appear. The rest of the evidence, however, questions this so much that it seems that it is a cover-up for something far darker.

First, the state of Zahau's body at the time of discovery is not typical of suicide or, to my knowledge, even possible. Zahau was found naked, hands tied behind his back, ankles tied and gagged with a T-shirt. Some reports also indicate the presence of tape on her skin, and on one of the doors of the house was the handwritten message, "She saved him, he can save her."

Eventually and perhaps most damn, an autopsy revealed no less than 4 blunt violations of Zahau's skull from different angles and degrees of severity.

By the way, Rebecca's friend (and dead boy's father) is the multi-millionaire of Medicis Pharmaceutical, Jonah Shacknai. In 2018, a jury found that his brother Adam was "liable" for her death with a fine of over five million dollars. Criminally, however, this case is still considered suicide. [1]

4 The death of Ellen Greenburg

On January 26, 2011, the Philadelphia teacher Ellen Greenburg was allowed to leave work due to bad weather. She stopped at a local gas station, refilled the tank of her car, then went home to her apartment and locked the door.

That was the last thing anyone saw of her alive; When her fiancé came home from the gym that night and pushed open the locked door, he found her dead in the kitchen. A jagged knife stabbed into her chest and 20 punctures marked her body.

The police were called, their bodies taken to the investigative office, and death referred to as "manslaughter" … but only for a short time, as the examining magistrate reversed this decision without explanation, calling her suicide instead. This most unusual decision was questioned, but not overturned, and so Ellen went into the suicide file.

However, her family was not satisfied with the verdict and was right to be skeptical. The autopsy revealed that Ellen was bruised in various healing states and that 10 of the 20 punctures she had sustained were posterior, at angles she most likely could not have done. There were also puncture wounds on the neck, chest and abdomen as well as a severe cut in the scalp.

Although the family continues to fight for recognition of her death as a murder of Ellen nearly a decade later, Ellen is tragically classified as self-inflicted death. [2]

3 Wunderkind Johmeik Simmons

Johmeik Simmons was the light of his mother's life. Johmeik, an intelligent football star who had just defeated cancer and had a bright future, had the world in his pocket. Until November 2016, his life ended in front of two other teenagers in his living room with a bullet on his head.

The county took the body away, conducted a thorough investigation, and then decided that his death was suicide. She assumed that the boy was so burdened by cancer and treatments that he finished everything.

This statement falls apart when the evidence collected by the Office itself is taken into account.

The other two boys who were in the house that night were picked up, questioned and, as the protocol says, wiped clean. It was found that they had gun oil on their hands and a shot residue, which was consistent with a shot a pistol. Speaking of weapon: When the weapon was recovered and tested, almost every part found prints and DNA from at least three sources, probably including the trigger.

In addition, the angle of the entry wound could not be determined. An independent expert who was hired to discuss the case was himself convicted.

Although the county is holding fast to the suicide attack, Simmons mother is still convinced and determined to prove that this was a murder. [3]

2 The death of Christian Andreacchio

Like Johmeik, Christian was a radiant boy with an even better future. With plans to become an operator, Christian had a plan and was ready to follow him … a plan that derailed permanently as he slumped kneeling over the side of his bathtub in February 2014, a bullet in his brain.

Within 45 minutes, the local police declared his death suicidal and removed his body. They did this, as did the others on this list, despite all the evidence that this was the work of an outsider.

On the one hand Christian like Johmeik had been together with two others at the time of his death. In fact, his case is reminiscent in many ways of Johmeik, from the "friends" present with shot remnants on the hands, to the inherent impropriety of the sores and the evidence of splattering. The weapon was also found by Christian's left thigh, which is strange since Christian was right-handed. The weapon was allegedly not curious and had a living round in the chamber.

The similarities extend to the current treatment of the case in which the coroner determines that he still believes that suicide is committed. Despite all the evidence to the contrary. [4]

1 The death of Jeffrey Epstein

  Epstein Clinton
I know, I know, this definitely falls under the category of a conspiracy theory. However, you have to admit that the evidence is pretty damned. On August 10, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell, with the official cause of death almost immediately punished by hanging himself as a suicide. The case is closed and all right, right? Yes and no Yes, but the case is closed? Barely.

Let's start with the fact that Epstein was under a so-called "eyeball guard". This is a situation in prisons in which a prisoner who is believed to be suicidal is monitored around the clock by guards stationed nearby. Although they initially considered this a necessary measure, the prison claims that Epstein was later removed from the sentry and not only left unattended, but also left unguarded, with no one bothering to check in with him for days.

Second, an autopsy revealed that Epstein's hyoid bone (a small bone anchored to the neck that anchors many muscles) was broken, an injury that occurred mainly in manual cases of strangulation … in other words, murders.

It is also important to note that shortly before his death, Epstein's cellmate was abruptly moved to another block, leaving Epstein alone … and without witnesses.

We may never know exactly what happened in the cell, as official reports and research have shown that details were ignored on the death of a powerful monster with powerful friends.

In my opinion though? This is our best example of an ignored murder. [5]

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