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5 stupid things that are quietly destroying the planet


Fashion trends are an environmental disaster

While we’re happy with the best hoodies and sweatpants, some crave more. The more fashion-conscious among us are trying to keep our wardrobes up to date and the fashion industry depends on it. It is estimated that the average consumer only wears one item of clothing seven scanty times before he drops it like a diva.

It doesn’t help that as part of the game to offer cheap imitators from high-end designers, so-called “fast fashion” is just as dire as strip mining or oil exploration because of the mess it leaves behind.

Synthetic leather (polyurethane) is environmentally harmful. Real leather? Even worseand inconceivably terrible for the health of the workers who do it. Denim is probably that worst clothing product You can buy. It takes enormous amounts of water to grow cotton and make jeans. Not to mention the runoff that comes with making acid washed, dyed, or distressed fabrics. Satellite photos show entire rivers in a breathtaking Prussian blue. Granted, it’s hard to tell the problem when the river is the same hue as a suffocating Smurf. Up close, it’s a different story. It looks more like blue diarrhea. Whether skinny jeans or such Floppy flares that the nu-metal kids wore, the styles change, but the industrial mud stays the same:

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Just in case you’re still in denial, Jncos was a stupid idea.

Polyester? Bad too, just in a different way. Every time you wash your poly blend items, you wash thousands of tiny synthetic fibers into the waterways. Approx. 1,900 fibers loosen in the washing machine in each cycle. Microfibers inevitably clog the organs of marine life, stunt their growth and hit them with chemicals like bisphenol A.

While numerous obnoxious PETA stunts have told us that fur is murder, obviously so is everything else.


Ancient Russian ghost subs are polluting the Arctic Ocean to sabotage the Arctic for the next few millennia

The Cold War gave us some cool stuff, Bond movies, NASA, that Brutalist architecture that everything feels like RoboCop. It also left us with another thing that will never go away, no matter how irrelevant it may be. No, not Tom Clancy books.

The risk of a fleet of nuclear submarines does not diminish with decommissioning. Traditionally obsolete submarines have been towed away and dismantled or left on the seabed. Many more simply sank and were forgotten, left to rust. It’s easy to see why environmentalists get nervous. You don’t need a sergeant to destroy the planet. The submarines are practically designed to do this themselves.

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More sunken sub damage than Jared Fogle ads.

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