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5 strangest items listed on eBay

Shopping online is a little different for those of us who were before Amazon. Or before the current Amazon, when it was just an online bookstore and not the fuel source for the demon of greed. We saw the birth of not only the Internet, but also Web 2.0. We cut our teeth on eBay and Craigslist, the wild west of online shopping. In the past, you were never quite sure what you would get if you bought something at auction. And before the Buy It Now option on eBay, it was a real struggle even got an article without anyone appearing at the last minute to outbid you. You also had to check and make sure that you were not cheated. But accidentally buying crap now and then is worth a place where you can come across strange deals for bizarre objects.

Five Weirdest eBay Deals

A crypt

Photo by Tanmay Madhukar on Unsplash

Not just any crypt, but the one directly above Marilyn Monroe. Joe DiMaggio was the original owner, but sold it when the couple divorced. A guy named Richard Poncher bought it and asked for a covert conversation to spend eternity staring at Monroe. This is not scary at all. He was taken to the crypt as desired and his widow buried alone. Instead, she listed the crypt on eBay for $ 500,000 and hoped to repay her mortgage. It finally sold for $ 4.6 million. However, all bets were wrong, leaving Poncher where it is. His wife is now open in the crypt next to him.


Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Golden Palace, the casino, buys strange items on eBay for press coverage. they bought the grilled cheese toasted with a picture of the Virgin Mary, and then her bought a ghost for $ 65,000. Mary Anderson, an Indiana resident, performed her father’s stick on the auction site after his death. Her son feared that his grandfather’s spirit would haunt him. Anderson told him the ghost would follow the stick wherever it went. The listing came on condition that the buyer wrote a letter to her son, confirming that the spirit was with them and was very happy. Golden Palace fulfilled her unusual request.

An unlimited life

Photo by Teddy Charti on Unsplash

Ian Usher got divorced and was just tired of it. He sold, “Everything I have and everything I am, “on eBay. His entire life, including home, jet ski, and car, earned him $ 305,000. With the money, he kept a 100-point bucket list in 100 weeks of things like driving a helicopter, riding an ostrich, and that He wrote a book, bought an island and, of course, gave a TEDx talk, and now lives off-grid on his private island off the coast of Panama.

A ghost town

Photo by Nadia Jamnik on Unsplash

The ghost town was already in 2007 Albert, Texas rose on eBay with a minimum price of $ 2.5 million. There was a bit of press, but no bids. Only in 2009 and a series of price cuts. The Easley family bought the entire city for $ 883,000. They don’t live there (no one lives), but they do run a venue and bar called Icehouse, which is open every night of the week. There is live music and it sounds like a delightful – if abandoned and uninhabited – city.

A kidney stone

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

I love this story because it shows William Shatner, who behaves the most like William Shatner. He passed a kidney stone so big that you want to carry it on your finger. Again the The strange casino Golden Palace bought it on eBay for $ 15 thousand. Shatner claimed that Star Trek memorabilia sell a lot more, disagreed with the offer, and asked Golden Palace for $ 25,000. I just love that Shatner sees his kidney stone as a Star Trek memorabilia, as valuable as his costumes and props. The money went to Habitat for Humanity, so Golden Palace accepted his counter offer and shelled out the $ 25,000.

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