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5 strange and wonderful ways to disperse ashes

In the words of one of the founding fathers of America, Benjamin Franklin, "In this world nothing can be described as safe except death and taxes." A few decades ago, funerals were dark, oppressive occasions with little sense of personality and do not think once to speak of "fun".

Nowadays, people are far more open to the idea of ​​a celebration of life than an opportunity to mourn. Cremation quickly becomes the most popular choice when someone dies, but the traditional storage of ashes in an urn is boring and pathological.

A loving tribute knows that your memorial must be as unique as that of the deceased and in a classic manner. Saving or distributing ashes does not always reflect the wishes or personality of your loved one!

Below are 5 crazy and wonderful ideas on how to use ashes to inspire yourself and do something really unique that someone will remember. [1

9659005] 1. Sown with a drone

When someone approaches death, they often express themselves where they want their ashes scattered, such as in a favorite park or on a busy beach.

When requested, it is unlikely that we will not be there. I will not respect their wishes, but that does not mean that the scatter event has to be commonplace.

Companies are now offering drone scattering services to scatter ashes far and wide instead of the unpleasant gray piles you can leave lying around The area where your hands are scattered.

You can even complement the experience with things like biodegradable glitter, petals, or anything that you think represents the deceased (unless it's harmful to the environment!).

You can convert this to another memorial even after the first funeral. If you create your order for services, you can announce this on one of the pages with information on time and place.

Using an online service ordering template makes it a breeze, just like the emotions on the day of the funeral can make you forget. Click here to see examples.

. 2 Out of this world

Many of us are fascinated by space travel. People are getting closer and closer to the idea of ​​space research that is available to the masses. Unfortunately, many of us will not be there long enough to see how this dream becomes a reality.

However, this does not mean that we should still miss escaping from our own planet and hovering over our atmosphere. You can now send ash into space with the Elon Musk SpaceX rocket.

Ash is placed in an ash capsule and launched into orbit using a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The ash will then circle the earth for about two years before returning through our atmosphere as a "shooting star".

Unfortunately, this is not cheap because the price of a slot reservation starts at $ 2,490, but with limited space and $ 100 slots already occupied, it already seems to be a popular alternative.

. 3 Think Ink

Tattoos are a great art form to express yourself. People usually choose pictures that mean something to them, and after someone's death, it's not uncommon for a permanent memorial to be printed on themselves.

Portraits, names and quotes are popular choices, but images of favorite foods, flowers or animals of the deceased can also be selected.

When all of this is said, how can you make your memory tattoo unique when so many others do the same?

Well, now you can have your lover's tattoo made out of it. Correct, you can mix ashes with tattoo ink to permanently cement their remains for you.

The next time someone congratulates you on your latest tattoo, you can click "Thank you, it's done by my mother!" Reply. 19659002] It is recommended to look for someone who has experience in mixing ash and tattoo ink. Improper execution can have catastrophic consequences for your new ink.

. 4 The Final Vinyl

Music is one of the easiest ways to bring back memories, whether it's a wedding song from your first dance that takes you back to your special day, or an old club anthem that takes you straight back to your college day A lot of beer.

It can do the same with memories of people. You can now have ashes pressed onto vinyl with a song of your choice, either your favorite song or one that you sang to you earlier. David Bowie's 1980 hit "Ashes to Ashes" would also be very fitting!

This is a quirky option for music lovers. Adding ashes to the vinyl increases the sound quality by a few extra clicks and pops, but this adds to the charm. It's almost like the deceased is singing along!

. 5 Give them an hourglass figure

If you're looking for a more decorative item that will remind you of your own mortality as time goes down on earth, you can get help from certain companies that instead make an hourglass with ashes from sand.

This idea has only recently become popular, but it is not new. During World War II, people used hourglasses to keep the ashes of their loved ones when they served abroad to mark the time they shared.

Today you can order DIY kits online to turn your ashes into an hourglass. These differ from standard hourglasses. To be honest, human ashes are not as fine as sand, since human bones have difficulty being crushed into something so small. With these new alternatives, the central hole is larger so that the remnants can pass through.

Other ideas that have proven to be very popular are balloon releases with ash inside or the compression of ash into shot cartridges. For the avid pilot, you can even have ashes thrown out of a plane, although this would require renting a private plane, since commercial airlines don't treat you kindly when trying to open doors or windows on your next trip.

So if you are looking for a strange farewell or have recently lost someone who would have loved to be remembered in such an unusual way, give it a try!

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