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5 silly goofy ways to beat super tough video game bosses


turn AxeChefs in Lemmings

It’s been almost 10 years Dark souls first brought up the “Damn you! I hate you! Damn, I hate you!” Difficulty level in video games. Since then, however, players have stopped thinking only about bosses, they have also messed up their pants successfully arm their poop against them.

Just when gamers thought they’d figured it all out, From Software was released Axewhich is probably Japanese for “Darkest Souls”. Axe is usually even more difficult than Dark souls, but the players found an unlikely ally: Cliff.

No, Cliff is not that completely out of place western hero You would find in an Asian Hollywood movie, but an actual cliff that bosses can devour and shit into their doom. All players have to do is take a little detour, climb a tower, jump on a wall, and then wait for the boss. The boss will not see her, but her path is determined in such a way that the boss commits suicide out of loneliness or shame.

Say “Hello” and “Goodbye” to Gyoubu Oniwa, the first allegedly dangerous boss in the game:

Sekiros Gyoubu Oniwa falls to his death

Yusuf Deli / Activision
Hello and goodbye.

The player isn’t even near the cliff, so it’s not an action movie moment where the hero splendidly leaps aside at the last second and fools the villain to his death. Both the boss and his horse seem completely confident just to plunge into the void of nowhere. Using the help of the cliff is also not a one-time trick, as the same area will later be reused for a fight. This time, it’s not against an early sucker, but against one of the toughest bosses in the game, the demon of hatred, who also completely misses the gravity of the situation.

Sekiro's demon of hatred falls to its death

RedOctopus Gaming / Activision
You can’t zoom in to see if it’s a Wile E. Coyote “YIKES!” Sign, but we’re 10,000% sure he does.


Take advantage of the weaknesses of older people Blood borne

One of Blood borneThe most powerful opponent is Father Gascoigne, an old ass hunter who turns into an even worse pain in the ass as soon as the players think they have found it out. Fortunately, someone has found out that their biggest weakness is one shared with real world geriatrics: regular stairs.

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