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5 shocking times first aiders made things worse


Rescuers mix two victims and the families do not learn the truth for a month

In 2006, a guy who drove a semi fell asleep at the wheel and plowed into a van that transported students to a college event. Five people died in the van – four students plus a supervisor – making this a disaster that stifles a college with an atmosphere of tragedy for at least a decade. Among the many grieving parents was a couple who found out that their daughter had been one of the victims. It was her birthday four days later, so they held the closed box that morning and the funeral followed the day after.

That was just a terrible story that you can’t learn better. But if you get into such an accident, you don̵

7;t just die or slip off unscathed. Even those who survive could be terribly hurt, and their story continues. So let’s look at another group of parents. They received the good news that their daughter had survived the crash, but recovery would be difficult. At the moment she was in a coma. They couldn’t see their face well between the machines and the swelling, and yet the doctors warned them that the accident could have changed their appearance.

The doctors performed a number of surgeries, and over time the girl woke up in bed (waking up from a coma is a gradual process). Three weeks later, she said her first word: “Hello.” They moved her to a rehab facility, but although she did improve in some ways, she didn’t in others. She didn’t seem to recognize her people. Neither her sister nor her boyfriend – she kept saying the name “Hunter”, but that was definitely not his name. As part of her recovery, a therapist also asked her to write her own name, and instead of “Laura” she wrote “Whitney”. Clear mental impairment! But wait, wasn’t there a Whitney in the crash? And if you put Whitney and Laura’s pictures side by side …

Hell, they messed up the bodies. One of the rescue workers had clipped Laura’s ID to Whitney at the scene, and everyone else just rolled along. At least the coroner should have made someone identify Whitney’s body, but sparing her parents that the ordeal had forced them to endure much worse … if not as bad as what Laura’s parents had been through than she had finally learned the truth. Oops, your daughter is actually deadthe doctors finally told them. Actually died a month ago. Buried too, but that will at least save you the trouble of a funeral.

Bodies can be difficult to identify, but there are attributes you can search for, even if rescuers believe that all blondes look the same. Like the size – Whitney’s supposed body was four inches too short. Even the color of the eyes and teeth and the shoes they were wearing, which Laura’s family all noticed, were wrong, although they rationalized away these differences. Or how about we identify all victims by smell? “Hunter” was the name of Whitney’s dog. So she must have muttered that. “Call Hunter. Let him smell me. Hunter will find out the truth!”


Rescuers killed the plane crash survivors by running over them twice

Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed in San Francisco in 2013, and you’ve probably long forgotten it. We have had many crashes in recent years, some more deadly than this. Maybe the name “Asiana Flight 214” doesn’t ring. But here are a few names that we bet will ring a bell: “Sum Ting Wong” and “Ho Lee Fuk”:

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