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5 Scary Questions About The Future (Nobody Wants To Ask)


Are People Smart Enough To Use Freedom Of Speech?

If tomorrow the New York Times A lengthy article states that QAnon is indeed right and only Trump can save the children of our nation a bloodthirsty Tom HanksThey would likely request that the article be removed and that its writer have broken his typing fingers. That’s because we all calmly assume that two things are true:

A) That we are easily able to recognize Qanon as a ridiculous but highly destructive conspiracy theory;

B) That’s for sure other people are incapable of realizing it and that, unlike us, they need to be protected from ideas that would spoil their mushy mind.

This is actually the unspoken tension behind any argument about censorship or “breaking off culture”. Language only exists in the human brain, so the problem isn’t the comedian’s big joke. It is the assumption that part of the audience does not have the mental strength to know what to do with it. They give a blowtorch to a toddler.

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… I suppose it is. Legal was pretty insistent that it wasn’t “research necessary”.

And who should I argue about? Hate crimes are increasing. QAnon is getting more popular every day, and in 2020 this is just one dish in an all-you-can-eat buffet of conspiracy theories (a survey found) Half of Americans believe in at least one). Hate groups, cults, and MLM programs still have no problems recruiting, even when clear exposures are just a smartphone away. So are we just a gullible species?

I hope not, because if we follow this to its logical conclusion, we will end up in a dark place. It would mean accepting that a good segment of the population – perhaps even a solid majority – lacks the basic ability to process information as true or false. That would mean the truth is literally irrelevant as the boring facts are always lost to emotionally charged lies, which means the majority of people are led to do the right thing in society, just to find one more compelling lie, which points in the right direction.

At this point we would have to ask …


What if democracy just doesn’t work?

This is the perfect example of an opinion ruined by the online bastards who turned arguments into their entire personality out of extremely bad faith. When they say: “Democracy doesn’t work!” what they mean is: “Only my tribe should have a vote!”

So when we see this support for iron authoritarianists is rising all over the worldIt goes without saying that it’s because these supporters think that’s just how it is other People crushed under that fist. People hate chaos and complexity, but dictators promise to make things beautiful and simple – they know how they used to be, before “these” people showed up.

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