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5 real-world problems that come straight out of the black mirror


Facebook's fake news issue is a feature, not a bug

Despite the fact that you've probably taken at least one break to check your Facebook feed, we still think of it Page primarily as a vehicle for vacation photos, where the worst thing that could happen is a bitter argument with friends about how to pronounce "GIF". We are all too smart to get into politics, right?

But Facebook's policy is behind you. Ten million users saw "Russia-related" ads during the 2016 election, focusing mainly on large, controversial issues such as immigration and gun control. Facebook also admitted that they placed about $ 1

00,000 in "inauthentic accounts" ads. The problem is not that the advertisement is spamming "vote for Clinton / Trump / X & # 39; algax, destroyer of souls!" Everyone has seen that a million times over; they would not affect anyone. The problem is that they are spreading stories like "FBI AGENT SUSPECTED IN HILLARY EMAIL-LECKS FOUND IN THE OPEN MURDER SUICIDE" Related to a Fake Newspaper which cites a man who does not exist that lives in a city that does not exist (they spelled the name of the city wrong).

The Denver Post At this point, we begin to doubt the existence of Denver.

If you see this stuff in your feed, trapped between a cat video and your friend's new spaghetti sauce recipe, you will not click through to verify it. So it's shagging in your brain as something you vaguely remember that it's true or not.

Facebook has also become a playground for trolls, whether they have a political agenda or just want to see E-World burn. Given the filming in Las Vegas (before all the other shootings made it out of the headlines), a lot of hoaxes spread from the moment the news hit. Some people invent invented dead and missing victims just to see how many likes they got. Others claimed that the shooter was still active, inventing invented perpetrators, assigning non-existent motives to shooters, or claiming to be a Democrat, Leftist, or recently converted to Islam (in fact, if the shooter had had anything political) motives he took her to his grave).

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