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5 promising superhero games canceled for insane reasons


We almost had a decency Superman Game … but then they tried Arkham It on

Superman Video games range from awkward and confusing to direct crimes against humanity, but it’s not like anyone want make a good one. In fact, since the mid-2000s, various companies have worked very hard to produce the first really great ones Superman Game, but some kind of mystical curse works even harder to prevent it.

First, a developer named Factor 5 spent a year creating an open world Superman Game for PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii with Doomsday and fully destructible environments that sounds like a GOTY-worthy combo. That’s all a Superman Game has to be real: let̵

7;s just beat bad guys through buildings, man. Leave the good stories behind for the comics and the ham-fisted symbolism for the movies.

Unfortunately, the game’s publisher, Brash Entertainment, has collapsed under the weight of too many crappy shovelware games Alvin and the Chipmunks and Space chimpanzeesand they took this game with them to the grave. A few years later, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment launched another ambitious open world Superman Project that would have featured a “massive metropolis” and tons of bad guys with heavy blows (like Zod or Darkseid). Despite some cool concept art, this one got canceled pretty quickly, probably because WB thought no one would play a game where a red and blue superhero was flying around a big city doing superhero stuff.

5 Promising Superhero Games Canceled For Insane Reasons - A Copy of Spider-Man For PS4

Insomniac Games / Sony
*Cough cough*

The last attempt we know of would have been in the bottled town of Kandor, which is literally a Kryptonian town that has shrunk and bottled because of comics. The bad guys included Brainiac and Doomsday, and things looked promising … until WB decided that all of their DC-related games should would have to use the same game engine as Batman: Arkham Asylum (A “heavily modified” version of the Unreal 3 engine, optimized for guys in bat suits hitting 20 people at the same time). Arkham– Optimizing the game would have made flying difficult, and flying is a huge part of the Superman character so the project collapsed like a Superman who can’t fly.

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