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5 Old Movies Famous actors do not want to see you

After failing to shoot him in the head, Jack instead presses Napoleon's tail and calls it the N-word. Replace the N-word with "Toon" and it's pretty much the same movie as Who framed Roger Rabbit .

Soon after, Jack has a heart attack, and coincidentally, at the same time, Napoleon is fatally shot (not by Jack). Of course Denzel is an organ donor and his heart ends in … Jack. Dying The Hilarious Situation of a Black Man and donating his heart to save Jack's life is thought by his friends putting a giant black dildo in his hospital bed.

New Line Cinema

19659006] New Line Cinema Pictured: Six Dicks

Jack freaks out – not because his friends are so spoiled, but because of the Doctors put the heart in his body to the black man. Then, in the supposedly common side-effect of this type of procedure, Jack is haunted by Napoleon's spirit. If Denzel does not joke about being a ghost or how his cock is "as big as a Shetland pony," he helps Hoskins advertise her mutual ex-boyfriend … secretly had Denzel's baby.

Then a killer pimps kidnap and nearly kills the baby, so Denzel and Hoskins team up to take out the pimp while fixing racism forever.

New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema "Of course, we had to kill a pimp who hijacked the secret baby of a mind, why did not we try that earlier?"

People have pointed out that it applies to all the film's attempts to think of racial tensions, it's unbelievable racist – how Danzel's character behaves like a lawyer, what with the pimp whole prostitutes rumheult and Crackbesitz. And in the end, his character basically becomes an "absent father." This movie is so bad that there was even a rumor that Washington has its agent in consequence. However, the worst part could be the international title of the film:

New Line Cinema "Well, he's also a dad, how about -"
"You're too fired."

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