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5 of the most haunted places in the world

Labor day is next week, which means it is now fall. meaning It’s the scary season! Although this year was full of horror from the start. But now we can all pretend we’re afraid of things that don’t phase us at all. Ghosts? Poltergeister? Angry, exposed Karens are the only thing that will make the blood run cold this fall. But if you’re craving some good old-fashioned horrors, try these five super haunted places around the world.

The 5 most haunted places in the world

Photo by Carlos de Miguel on Unsplash

Aradale Asylum

Victoria, Australia

Photo by Andy Li on Unsplash

This mental hospital operated for 126 years until 1993 and housed Victoria’s mentally ill. During the height of the operation, over 1000 patients were accommodated in the building. Aradale is just one of 65 buildings in this “city within a city”. The entire property extends over well over 600 hectares. During one of the two-hour tours offered to the public, explore the wards and treatment halls of Ararat Hospital. You can also visit J Ward, which housed the criminally madmen. Ghost tours visit the gallows and tombs for a truly spooky experience.

The Portland Underground

Oregon, United States

Photo by Umit Aslan on Unsplash

Portland, Oregon was the site of human trafficking for nearly a century. Limousine owners fitted their Portland operations with trap doors, making it easy for them to grab drunk men in the bars and take them underground in Portland. Then they drugged the men and sold them to ships as unpaid labor. Ghost Tours participants receive a flashlight before descending into the underground network where ghosts of dead victims follow the passages. Surviving men often worked as prisoners on ships for years and sometimes made their way home.

Poveglia Island

Venice, Italy

Photo by Joshua Stannard on Unsplash

This island is even spookier thanks to the events of this year. This is where the term “quarantine” originated. Venice forced arriving ships to dock on the island of Poveglia for 40 days to prove they were not carrying the plague. As a result, the island was the final resting place for over 160,000 people. Human remains are rumored to make up more than half of the island. Although the island is closed to the public, in 2016 five Americans who were ghost hunting tried to spend the night. They called for a midnight rescue and claimed they were harassed by malicious spirits.

The old Ram Inn

Gloucestershire, England

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Built on pagan ritual grounds in the 12th century, guests now reside in Wotton-under-Edge’s haunted house to experience the paranormal phenomenon. Legend has it that devil-worshiping pagans once sacrificed children on the site. Now visitors claim to hear screams and babies cry, feel invisible hands squeezing them, and even see fog climbing the stairs.

Wolfsegg Castle

Wolfsegg, Germany

Photo by Eric Marty on Unsplash

Ulrich Von Laaber built this castle in the 13th century as a stronghold in the region. The war took him away from home and left his beautiful young wife a little bored. When her distractions included an affair, Laaber had her killed. It is now her ghost, the White Woman, who haunts the hall of the castle. Rumor has it that there is a mysterious hole in the forest that is filled with the bones of Von Laaber and his sons. Even so, the hole remains hidden in the forest while the castle is open to public tours.

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