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5 movies that did crazy things in the name of realism


Swiss man Recording of the cast and crew farting

The moving story of a suicide bomber, played by Paul Dano and the bloating corpse of Daniel Radcliffe, with whom he befriends, Swiss man is a magical, fart-driven journey of redemption and self-discovery. And no, fart power is no exaggeration: the film consists of 125% ass explosions and aerosolized turdy nebulae.

Yes, I bet you now regret that condescending “pass”
; in this movie.

With so many gaseous emissions on display, the crew quickly realized that the typical Hollywood Toots fountain just wasn’t going to be enough for their needs, both in quantity and quality. They didn’t want to repeat themselves, after all, and most Derri Air libraries didn’t have the nuance and subtlety they were looking for. So the Swiss man The team created their own, far more complicated, fart library – including actual recordings of the cast and crew.

About halfway through the shoot, directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert announced that from now on if anyone in the cast or crew had to bake an air biscuit, it should be Immediately find the sound type and let the blemish tickle the tape. A woman on the sound mixing team was the first to volunteer and ripped one within ten minutes of the announcement. Paul Dano, on set and between takes, just grabbed the boom mic and let one rip it – probably way too close to Daniel Radcliffe’s face since roughly half of the film is the former riding the latter like a sled. And it wasn’t just external orchestrations: they used Sheinerts actual bowel problems for the rumble of Radcliffe’s mostly dead stomach.

Surely the film stopped at the noise, right? Not correct. Swiss man also made a model of Harry Potter’s asshole. You know, for the accuracy. And possibly because they knew this would one day force Daniel Radcliffe to put it on record “You have to get your cock and balls out of the way” when attempting such an achievement.


Three months of research went into the helicopter crash scene The matrix

The matrix, a film known for its groundbreaking cinematic tricks and CGI, spent a tremendous amount of time, effort, and money researching types of glass and pyrotechnics to film its iconic helicopter crash inside a computer simulation movie – rather than just you know simulate it.

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