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5 modern luxury goods will be totally stupid in the future

As you have hopefully heard, self-driving cars are the way forward. You will end up being much safer than what we have nowand much more efficient, but let’s not forget that they also require a lot less work to operate. Once people get used to them, driving itself – something every child looks forward to now – is seen as tedious manual labor.

But I drive automatically! </p>
<p>When you are driving, this does not happen automatically.  “Width =” 250 “height =” 333 “class =” lazy “data-src =” https://s3.crackedcdn.com/phpimages/article/8/5/2 /744852.jpg?v=0 “/ ><span>Our Obaseki / Unsplash<br />
</span><span class=“But I drive automatically!”


“When you’re driving, it’s not automatic.”

Our descendants will not think that driving cars yourself was strange. Work precedes automation; That is normal. But you will find strange how much cultural importance we have attached to this task and how people have spent tens of thousands of dollars making sure that their handicraft tool was the most impressive there is.

“But you yourself spend tens of thousands on yours self-propelled Automobile! “You might say indignantly to your time-traveling future boyfriend, but they won’t understand. For them, their car is something they relax in, and they pay for the convenience of transportation. But when you drive the car, that is.” Work (and indeed some people in the 21st century made a living), not something that shouldn’t be spent more than necessary. “Did you make jewelry too? Washboards before you invented the washing machine? “you will ask yourself.” Did you compete to see who can afford the coolest cotton gin? “

Each cover of <i>gin</i> The magazine featured a new unit and a sexy model wearing a horsehair hoop skirt.  “width =” 350 “height =” 230 “class =” lazy “data-src =” https://s3.crackedcdn.com/phpimages/article/8/4/4/744844_v2.jpg “/><span>Tom Murphy VII<br />
</span><span class=Each cover of gin The magazine featured a new unit and a sexy model wearing a horsehair hoop skirt.

People with better ideas could make us more relaxed. “Driving must have been leisure time, right?” they will say. “People liked to drive because they might like to take out a yacht?” Well sometimes. But generally no. Most of the time we commuted and we didn’t like it at all, but since we had to, we spent a lot of money looking good doing it. “Or was driving more like a game back then?” they will propose. “You wanted the best car so you could compete against other people?” Again mostly no. We paid bonuses for cars that drove particularly fast, but all cars were legally prohibited from approaching their top speeds.

And on the subject of transport …

How we treatedAirplanes have been stuck at the same speed for a long time. You cannot gradually get faster as this will put you in the most dangerous speed range. Much faster would be safer, but we would need a sudden technical jump to get there, like for example Hypersonic aircraft Boeing suggested. Planes like this one now fly three times higher than planes, have no windows to keep glass from exploding inside, and could go anywhere on earth three hours. Today’s long flights (say 17 hours from Sydney to LAX) will seem ridiculous to someone who is used to them.

17 hours?  Nowadays that's a whole working week!
Waldemar Brandt / Unsplash
“17 hours? Nowadays that’s a whole working week!”

But the really weird part for them would be those of us who spent one additional $ 16,000 feeling a little fancier while taking the same long flight. These passengers, as our descendants will notice, were not the ultra-rich who flew privately – these were people who had to choose between different luxuries, and they chose this one. It’s a bit like spending money driving cars, except worse, because cars are all about prestige in the eyes of others (no one would buy a $ 50,000 car if it was an unfamiliar one Brand and nobody could see it), which will always be understandable. While flying in first class, this is a very personal pleasure. What coveted comfort did this first-class trip offer?

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