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5 iconic pieces of film (that should be cut)


One ring was based on a co-producer’s wedding ring

Early in the production of The community of the ringThe crew shot a short test sequence and needed a prop for Sauron’s ring. (It’s not called Community of the tennis bracelet) The best there was was co-producer Rick Porras wedding ring. After filming, Porras told Peter Jackson that his wedding ring (which only made him invisible to hot singles in his area), while clearly biased, really looked like the ultimate artifact of power that Sauron made in the fires of Mount Doom would have .

Jackson thought there was something to it ̵

1; the ring had a shape that made it stand out – so they spoke to the goldsmith they were working with and Porras’ wedding ring eventually became the basis for the One Ring. The goldsmith just rounded it off and made some other adjustments.

New Line Cinema
He kept the inscription.

But with that they also threw a lot of money and effort in the trash. You see, the props department knew they were going to need a lot of copies of the One Ring, so they had asked the goldsmith to make fifteen. Those fifteen all stuck to Peter Jackson and Tolkien’s descriptions, which was a pretty reasonable assumption – but after settling on Porras’ wedding ring, all those copies happened to be as useless as a wedding ring after a divorce.

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