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5 historical figures with drastically different descendants


Karl Marx’s grandson lives from his Parkour YouTube channel

Karl Marx is one of the most influential thinkers of all time. He jumped in the annals of history by developing a magnificent beard (and to a lesser extent communism). His great-great-grandson, however, only jumps from buildings.

Joe Marx does not want to destroy private property or secure the means of production for the working class. When he sees industrial chimneys, he just wants to turn over them. He makes a living doing “parkour”, better known as “what the stuntman did in every 2006 movie”.

He lives in Surrey, England and runs a semi-successful business Youtube channel with him and his cohort of non-revolutionaries demonstrating their sick abilities. He’s actually pretty good and does a different job than Turner, but that’s about it. Marx lives on the streets in Surrey, England, and is by all reports homeless.

If you think, “Wow, he has to pledge to kill capitalism for a life of poverty,” you don’t. Karl Marx himself wasn’t poor, but even if he had been, Joe waived a 9-to-5 for his famous relative. Joe only Really likes parkour.

The Motus projects
Presumably the characteristic beard would make hell beat faster with wind resistance.

Joe started out as a teenager and fell in love with him, Eventually it becomes good enough to make money. It started with doing backflips for cash, and soon he had enough to satisfy his basic needs – which apparently don’t include a home. He’d rather run in the street than sleep in a bed. But that doesn’t make him a communist. When asked about his relationship with his ancestral teachings, he basically said the same thing as the typical Wall Street brother: “Sounds great, doesn’t work.”


The budding Kaiser von Österreich-Hunger is a racing driver

Ah, the House of Habsburg, as famous for ruling most of Europe as it is terrible genetic abnormalities caused by centuries of inbreeding. These unique kings held the crowns of Spain, the Netherlands, the Holy Roman Empire and finally Austria-Hungary. They ruled as counts, kings and emperors for almost a thousand years and culminated in Franz Joseph in the 20th century. You may be familiar with a little conflict called WWI that ended the dynasty.

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