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5 hip-health trends that science says are just garbage

And they are not only useless, but could be downright dangerous. Ginkgo biloba, which is trapped in a number of over-the-counter "memory enhancers", can cause blood thinners to bleed more quickly than their "starched" mind can understand.

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Cryotherapy chambers are nothing but really expensive cold packs

If you follow athletes or fitness gurus on Instagram, you've probably seen them tuck their toes into the latest cryotherapy trend in rejuvenation technology. Notable names, such as the entire list of Lakers, swear by their healing magic, which allegedly relieves chronic pain, helps them lose weight, tone their skin, and even cure depression. All this for the low price of $ 90 per session. But despite all the proven good cryotherapy you can spend the money for a few hundred popsicles.

The logic behind the treatment is simple. First you are put in a cryo-locker that looks like a pressure cooker for cannibals. Then liquid nitrogen causes the chamber to become colder than the temperatures normally encountered on Earth. This "hypercooling" supposedly puts your body into survival mode, which then boosts your fitness by oxygenating the blood, giving you a better chance of surviving this sudden ice age. It all sounds terribly futuristic if you do not take into account the fact that studies show that freezing bits has about the same impact on the body as old-fashioned ice packs or even just a cold bath.

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