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5 highest water slides in the world

Has anyone else tortured themselves and dreamed of where they could go or what they could do if only a pandemic didn’t stop everything? There were 62,000 coronavirus cases in the United States yesterday. I call it – we don’t get the summer we dreamed of to get us through the first few months of closure. Instead, stay home, wear a mask, wash your hands, and maybe we can go to a water park somewhere next year, or you know. This Video of a four-year grief Losing her favorite things (water parks, ice cream trucks, McDonald̵

7;s playgrounds) inspired this list of the world’s largest water slides. They are not open because “the only thing that is open is Nothing. ”

Highest water slides in the world

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash
Kilimanjaro, Aldeia das Aguas Park Resort


164 feet

“Imposing, brave and challenging, do you have the courage to face it?” It was built by Aldeia das Aguas Park in 1999 and is still the tallest in the world. They cut out the side of a hill to make more space and let this free fall slide even longer. The Gastrointestinal descent takes only seconds, but it feels a lot longer because it’s just you, the water, and undeniable gravity.

Captain Spacemaker, Caribe Bay


137 feet

Captain Spacemaker is the tallest slide in all of Europe. You can go down in a rubber boat with friends. Which is a blessing or a curse, depending on the friends you have. These too cool people who refuse to acknowledge that they have adrenaline are no fun, and these scared cats who ruin everyone’s good time are also not allowed. According to the Caribe Bay water park, you can drive up to 60 miles an hour on the 60-degree slope, so maybe Captain Spacemaker makes scared cats out of everyone?

Daredevil Summit, CocoCay Thrill Park


Photo by Fernando Jorge on Unsplash

135 feet

Click through to Royal Caribbean websitebecause they enable you to “earn your bragging rights” with a virtual ride on the water slide. And since it’s the best thing each of us can enjoy in the sun this summer, so can you. But I will warn you; it looks like a wonderful slide. The whole thing is included, and at some point you ride through Neon rainbow. I only got sad cruise ships that are now probably a thing of the past.



134.5 feet

Do you want to go straight down 65 miles an hour? Drive to Aquiraz, Brazil, to the Beach Park, where the Insano takes you over 100 feet straight down. It’s not as charming as Daredevil’s Peak, but it does promise to get your adrenaline pumping.

Ko’okiri Body Plunge, Volcano Bay Universal

United States

125 feet

A super divider 70-degree camber awaits you Volcano Bayon top of a very long staircase. It’s a downspout, which is an instant no-go to me, but some people love to feel the floor just fall out from under them. The end is a real spectator sport. The slide ends in a transparent tube that runs under the paddling pool at the foot of the volcano. People gather to see your frightened / relieved face shoot past towards the end.

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