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5 high-profile charities that flew off the rail


A Chinese millionaire caused the uprising in New York

After Chen Guangbiao made a fortune, he devoted himself to two things: helping the poor and reassuring everyone to help the poor. Critics have noted that Chen's community service is often overshadowed by his shameless self-promotion – which is expected of the type of man who displays business cards labeled "Most Charismatic Philanthropist of China."

Guangbiao Chen It's on a business card, so it must be true.

In 201

4, Chen was planning a banquet for the homeless in New York City. As part of the bizarre Tour of Love and Gratitude, lunch promised a three-course meal, donations and, for some reason, a performance by Chen singing "We Are The World". To get it started, Chen teamed with the New York City Rescue Mission, which was glad to be part of it as long as the millionaire complied with Rule # 1 work with the homeless: never cash under any circumstances. What a problem, because Chen had just posted a full-page ad in The New York Times promising $ 300 in cash to any homeless man, no questions.

Chen made compromises and agreed to donate the money to the rescue mission in New York City. But the "best known and most popular Chinese role model" could not miss a good PR opportunity, so he grabbed the microphone during lunch and reiterated that he was going to rain dollar-dollar bills. And when the charities silently told the poor, no, they would not get any money, things started going south.

Chen finally joined a compromise. A handful of homeless people received $ 300 from Chen himself … as a photo opportunity, and then they had to return it. Since they are tired of being treated like toys at a fantasy tea party of a three-year-old, the guests of honor were ready to revolt. And then Chen started singing "We Are The World" and the security forces had to evacuate him because people were rushing the stage. Fortunately, Chen escaped unhurt, so he still had two good hands to pat on his back.

It's also possible that the stage frenzy was a desperate attempt to pull the microphone out of his hand.

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