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5 Helpful Tips To Treat Stubborn Acne

Whether you are dealing with adult acne or want to help your teenage son or daughter get rid of his or her breakouts, here is some encouraging news: There are a number of natural home “hacks” and skin care products that you may encounter you with blessed relief.

Check out these anti acne tips:

. Try tea tree oil

Tea tree oil contains naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents that can be effective against acne. The chemicals in tea tree oil can also kill bacteria and fungi. Try adding a few drops of tea tree oil to a small amount of warm water and dabbing it into your acne, then rinsing it off after about 20 minutes.

2. Wash your pillowcase regularly

Not to give you a case of Heebie Jeebies, but pretty much everything on your face will be found on your pillowcase. This includes dirt, germs, and bacteria that can irritate your skin and make your acne worse. Since you’re likely to be without washing your pillowcase for days, all of that dirt and bacteria come back in contact with your face at night. To prevent this from happening, wash your pillowcases frequently. This way, germs from the pillowcase won’t stick to your face again while you are dreaming.

3. Use anti-acne skin care treatments

To successfully combat acne, you can also use a skin care product that is specifically designed to combat this skin problem. Look for treatments that specifically target why and how acne occurs in the first place, rather than a generic anti-Zit cream that you buy at the drugstore. For example, genetics, stress, and hormones can trigger an outbreak. To find the best acne treatment for you, find a product that suits your skin type and the cause of acne.

4. Apply a paste of cucumber, oatmeal, and yogurt

Many classic spa photos show a woman with slices of cucumber on her eyes – and for good reason. Cucumbers can have a very soothing effect on the skin by reducing irritation, pain, and swelling. Acne has an inflammatory component – essentially the oil glands and follicles on the face become inflamed, causing red bumps on the skin. If you can calm this reaction down, you may notice and feel some improvement.

Try mixing a small cucumber with a cup of oatmeal. Then mix one teaspoon of the paste with one teaspoon of plain yogurt and apply it to your face. Wash off after 30 minutes. If you don’t have oatmeal or yogurt on hand, mash a cucumber, pour out the juice, and mix in a tablespoon of sugar. Apply this liquid on your face and let it sit for 10 minutes before washing it off with cold water.

5. Dab some crushed aspirin on

The main active ingredient in aspirin is called salicylic acid, which is also effective in acne treatments. To access the power of salicylic acid, crush some aspirin and mix it with a very small amount of water to make a paste. Then apply it on your acne. Resist the urge to do a full face mask of this remedy; Aspirin can actually dry out your skin if used too often or for too long. However, this at-home treatment can be helpful for short periods of time in small amounts targeting particularly heavy areas.

You can win the battle against acne

No matter how long you’ve been dealing with acne or someone you love, there is definitely hope and help. Hopefully, if you try these hacks at home and invest in some quality skin care products that work against acne, these painful red breakouts will be eliminated for good.

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